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Why Sarah Palin drives lefties nuts.

Sarah Palin featured on the cover of this week's Newsweek magazine, in a photo previously used in the August 2009 issue of Runners World

One only has to check out the recent cover of Newsweek magazine from November, 2009 to see that Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome is afflicting many lefties like mad.  Aside from the fact that  Newsweek fleeced the pic from a Runner's World edition that had featured Sarah Palin promoting health and fitness, it is obvious that Newsweek was trying to distract attention from Palin's conservative values and political beliefs. Their goal was to portray her in a demeaning and sexist manner.  They do not want Sarah Palin to be taken seriously.   

However, I do not believe that the intended degradation of Palin was the most disgusting aspect of the Newsweek cover.  I found the accompanying copy to be even more offensive:  


She's bad news for the GOP and for everybody else, too."

What?  Palin is "a problem?"  


Is Palin leading America toward socialism?

Is Palin destroying our economy?

Is Palin destroying our liberty?

Is Palin destroying our freedom?

Is Palin ensuring that our children and our grandchildren will be saddled with massive debt for years to come?

Is Palin trying to make everyone dependent upon the government?


But we all know who is - President Barack Obama. 

Yet, Palin is "the problem?!?"  Don't you just love the liberal media!?!

So WHY such fear of Sarah Palin?  Why do the media, liberals, lefties, Democrats, and Obama White House quake in their boots when her name is mentioned? 

Considering that Palin is no longer holding any political office, why are liberals still so intent on destroying this woman?  She is not even running for any political office!  Right now, Palin is traveling across the country, promoting her best-selling book "Going Rogue." That's it.

Yet, why the intense hatred?  The name-calling?  The snide comments?  The attempts to dig up dirt at every opportunity?    Why does Sarah Palin drive lefties nuts? 

I have my own theory:  What does Palin represent?  To begin with, she is a mother of five.  She supports the second amendment and knows how to use a gun.  She is an experienced, successful politician serving as a Mayor and Governor in Alaska.  She accomplished a great deal for her state.   (When she stepped down as Governor, her last feat was to cut Alaska's budget by almost 20% for 2010.)  She means what she says.  She is pro-life.   She is a conservative and has served to energize conservatives across America.  Her tour to promote her best-selling book is drawing record crowds who admire her. She is patriotic and loves the United States - no question there. 

Yet, what many Americans love about Palin, the left hates.  And that is what drives them nuts.   Five children - whoa!  She's a baby machine!  And - eeeew - she had a Down's Syndrome child when she could have had an abortion! She likes guns!   She didn't go to an Ivy League school!  (Hey, are Americans EVER going to be privy to Obama's grades or how he actually paid to go to Harvard?).  She's white!  She's conservative!  She speaks her mind and won't back down!  She is an INSPIRATION to millions.   Sarah Palin's vision of America - which many Americans share - seems to be very similar to that of one of the best presidents ever - Ronald Reagan.  Reagan believed in the greatness of America and it's people.   So does Sarah Palin.

Contrast that to Barack Obama.  Obama does not want America to be the greatest nation.  He wants to bring our country down so that we are comparable to Cuba or Venezuela.  He does not want America to be a superpower.  Obama is damaging our country with his socialist policies.  He has put our country in debt to the tune of trillions upon trillions of dollars - and wants to spend more with a second stimulus bill (hey, the first one was a flop.  Does this man learn from his mistakes?).  If Obamacare - the government powergrab - becomes a reality, taxes and debt will increase even more.   Long after we are gone, generations will be paying for Obama's economic mishaps.  Perhaps Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the United States economy...  Obama is also lax on national security and seems more concerned about the rights and well-being of terrorists than the safety of the American people.  Just look at the insanity of trying terrorists as civilians in civilian court in New York City.  Who is Obama trying to please - Al-Qaeda?  Obama's months-long  waffling (with no decision YET)  on what to do in Afghanistan is damaging to both our country and  troops.   

When Sarah Palin talks about the greatness of America, Obama is quick to criticize it.  When Sarah Palin talks about the strength of the American people, Obama is quick to apologize to anyone or any country that will listen for what he believes to be America's faults.   Obama and many of his followers look at our country with contempt.  Many Americans - including myself - do not believe that Obama likes or respects America and what our country stands for.  

People like Sarah Palin stand in the way of Obama's plans for a socialist utopia.  Palin has served as a lightening rod to energize those who love America and disagree with Obama's socialist visions.  (Some credit also has to go to Obama, since he has unintentionally woken up conservatives and others who are angered by his socialist policies.)  It is becoming apparent that our country will not sit back quietly and let America be ruined. 

So it appears that Newsweek is yet another example of how liberals are suffering from "Palin Derangement Syndrome" - similar to Bush Derangement Syndrome.  When people cannot stand someone for irrational and unfounded beliefs.  They hate them with a passion and will go after them with every weapon in their arsenal.  If that means putting an unflattering pic on a magazine cover, so be it.  If that means making nasty comments and calling their target names and implying they are stupid, ignorant, trailer-trash, so be it.  Take the gloves off!  The press and liberals were horrible to Sarah Palin during the presidential campaign when she was a VP nominee on the Republican ticket, and their venom and nastiness has gone up several notches since Palin's book has come out.   Thankfully, Palin has the fortitude, patriotism, and sense of duty to stand up to the elitist snobs, media, libs, and others who are intent on bringing her down. 

(As a side note, the Associated Press assigned 11 reporters to "fact check" Palin's book - "Going Rogue."  Wonder how many reporters they assigned to "fact check" any of Barack Obama's books, or Teddy Kennedy's last publication, or any books by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Care to guess? The answer is none.  At least Palin nailed it when she stated "Imagine that.  11 AP reporters dedicating time and resources to tearing up the book, instead of using the time and resources to "fact check" what's going on with Sheik Mohammed's trial, Pelosi's health care takeover costs, Hasan's associations, etc.  Amazing.")

  Contrary to what Newsweek is trying to put out there, Sarah Palin is NOT bad news for the GOP.  She is kicking butt - making many Republicans in office realize that Americans don't want RINO's (Republican-in-name-only) representing them.  We are tired of the Olympia Snowes, Susan Collins, and John McCains.  (At least Arlen Specter finally fessed up and crossed over to the dark side!)  Many of us want Republicans to return to Republican and conservative values - smaller government, less taxes, and a strong national security.  

Palin is NOT bad for everyone else, too - as Newsweek wants its liberal readers to think. Sarah Palin is good for this country!  More and more people are realizing this.  She wants to preserve what is good about America and keep it strong.  In that philosophy, we all win.  And whether or not Palin re-enters the political landscape at some time or simply choses to serve as an inspirational speaker and role-model for the conservative party, she is far better for this country than the current neophyte man-child pretending to be a president.  Without question.

So let 'em continue to suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome.  Let 'em continue to bash Sarah. Let 'em continue to expose themselves for what they are:  frightened, nasty, hate-mongers, who feel so threatened by the one woman that they will stop at nothing to destroy her.  In doing so, they will continue to be their own worst enemy.    And their worst fears will be realized at election time in 2010 and 2012. 

And if Newsweek wanted to be honest, why not a cover of Barack Obama in a swim suit (Chris Matthews may feel a thrill go up his leg at that!), with the headline:


He's bad news for the Democrats and for everybody else, too."

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