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Hillary Clinton must be removed from office immediately!

Planned Parenthood, the liberal organization that is so admired by Hillary Clinton, has been sued many times but never punished by our liberal courts. If this organization is not finally closed, we are a sick society.

Margaret Sanger's organization was found to have told an undercover investigator, who posed as a 14 year old pregnant teenager, to get an abortion. However, what makes this really sick and illegal is the teenager told Planned Parenthood officials that she got pregnant from a 41 year old man. That, everyone, is a felony! What does Sanger's organization tell this girl? Keep it quiet and get an abortion!

You must be wondering what might this have to do with Hillary. Well, our new Secretary of State, who is better known for her biography where she rewrites history, said in a long public speech that she admired Margaret Sanger for her ethics and work she does with Planned Parenthood. Talk about not doing your homework! For those that forget easily, Sanger is one who believes we can kill people (read about Sanger's colleagues and their very racist, Nazi beliefs below) so to make this a better world. But why should Hillary be removed? Fair and simple: Who was the Republican Senator that went through the character assassination by the liberals and the MSM for attending a birthday party for a past KKK member? Hmmm, and you say you liberals are not hypocrites.

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