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Now I'm Marketing For Kessler!

diamonds, Kessler, marketing, richard kessler

This is a follow-up post to a blog that I wrote in May titled, "Dear God, Please Take Kessler Off The Air".  If you didn't read it, 1st - Shame On You and 2nd - Here it is:

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I received a response from Richard Kessler.  He asked that I pass a message on to you in response to my post.  He said that if he has annoyed any of you with his commericals he is sorry.  But, if you would all just come in and buy a diamond, the crisis would be solved.  Then the commericals could come off the air. Simple solution.  But until that time he is going to stick with his original plan.  Which, I'm guessing, is working.

I have to say that I enjoyed getting a response from Mr. Kessler.  It seems that his commercials are a little less annoying.  Well, maybe not.  I suppose my wife is going to want a new diamond now that she knows I talked with Richard Kessler.  Oh oh, this could backfire. 

Then as I was preparing to write this post, I figured it out.  His response was genius, now he has me marketing Kesslers for free! 

Damn he's good! 

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