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What the ?

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Democrats Promoting Rush?

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While the housing industry collapse has been dragging our economy down the mountain, the Democrats financial policies and sometimes their lack of details are shoving us right off the cliff.  President Obama, showing his economic genius, says that the markets are just tracking polls with day-to-day shifts.  Somebody needs to smack him upside the head – this is a plunge not a shift.  We know he knows jack about economics or the markets, he’s told us that.  So why does he have to continue to prove it with intelligent comments on “profit earnings ratio”.  It’s price earnings ratio.  Every time they come out with some policy or detail, the economy shows its confidence by taking a nosedive.  Down over 30% now since Obama won election. 


Now the Democrats are looking for scapegoats, people they can try to demonize as the true evil in the world.  They’ve tried with Bush and some of the Executive Orders and privilege of power that the President in entrusted with.  Saying how wrong it is that Bush could have sent troops into our own streets at anytime.  Guess what?  Clinton talked about having this very power while he was in office.  This is nothing new.  It’s been done many times during our history.  President Wilson even used it to send out troops to disarm civilians and state and local police at one time.  Talk about destroying the constitution.  William Jefferson Clinton is still the all-time champ at legislating from the oval office by executive orders. 


So whom do the Democrats go after as the number one target on their “enemies list”?  Rush Limbaugh.  Rush is already the leading conservative radio talker.  He doesn’t really need the additional publicity, but he will gladly accept it.  In fact he is able to use this to his advantage.  This is exactly what he wants.  His numbers and popularity can’t do anything but go through the roof.   


This new strategy comes from the pathetic minds of a Rahm Emanuel and his attack dog James Carville.  Carville does this out of jealousy, since his own dream of talking-head popularity crashed.  No one wants to listen to whiny liberal talkers.  Emanuel has that Chicago politics engrained in him that says you always need to be attacking those that speak out against you, even if it is a private citizen like Joe the Plumber or Rush Limbaugh. 


Here’s an idea.  President Obama should stop campaigning for just a minute and listen to some of the Senators from his own party that have realized that this current budget package is loaded with all the wrong kinds of pork.  Better idea, listen to Congressman Ryan’s plan and start putting this country back on the right path to recovery. 

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