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Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge

Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge Blog

The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) is challenging people across Wisconsin to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days (June 1st – 30th). Unplug from your cell phone, tablet, e-readers and all electronic devices and connect with the natural world around you for 30 minutes a day.

The 2015 challenge blog is sponsored by: City of Oconomowoc, Compass Point Consulting, Endurance House, Evolution Marketing, First Bank Financial Centre, Kettle Moraine Health Center, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee, Waukesha County Retzer Nature Center and a local WI Green Building Alliance Board Member. Join us in spending time in nature! - click here to sign up

No matter what the reason

By Ginny Bocek, Waukesha County Park System

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It takes 21 days

By Paige Brunclik

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June Plunge into the Green Bay

By: Rich Venske, DC -  Kettle Moraine Health Center (Delafield) 

"I have worries to give to the sea...." -The Avett Brothers
Standing waist deep in Green Bay near Egg Harbor Beach in Door County, I wonder what moves me to be here.  Within seconds of wading in, my legs go from extremely chilled to almost numb.  No one else is around yet on this early June morning and I think to myself, there's probably a good reason for that....The water is very clear and very cold.  This practice of jumping into the bay has become a bit of a ritual for me.  Each summer my family and I come to Door County to be with each other, be in nature, and simply relax.  Each year, I ask my family members if they would like to join me for the plunge, and each year they politely decline.  I came across the song "At the Beach" by the Avett Brothers several weeks before our trip and it has become our theme song for the week.  It's a happy, carefree song about getting away from the worries of our everyday lives and being renewed by being in the presence of water.  Water really does have some magical qualities, whether you jump in head-first or simply gaze into it from the safety of the beach. 
So, as I slowly walk back to the sand after finally jumping all the way in, I feel symbolically like all of the things weighing me down have been left in the water, and I am truly refreshed, and also now, VERY awake!  This summer I urge everyone to get to whatever river, lake, stream, or ocean that brings you peace.

Get your nature Zen on

By Paige Brunclik

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Challenge yourself to get more Vitamin N

Summarized by Amanda Goetsch, Sustainability Professional

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