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ISIS beheads yet another American...

...and the White House crickets chirp. The brutal and barbaric terrorist group, ISIS, has beheaded yet another American journalist, Steven Sotloff.  (See:

The Lead-from-the-Behinder-In-Chief keeps having to wipe the sand out of his eyes from the bullies of the world.  Does Obama even really care that ISIS is cutting off the heads of Americans?  It is hard to tell.  Will Obama appear on television yet again, expressing phony outrage, then declaring that the United States won't be doing anything about the latest beheading, and four minutes later sneak out to the first tee for golf and a few chuckles... just like he did after he addressed the previous beheading of American journalist James Foley?   

ISIS has been a KNOWN and growing problem for more than a year.  They are made up of the most brutal, vicious terrorists.  By all accounts, President Barack Hussein Obama has been briefed on ISIS many, many times.  Yet, when push comes to shove and ISIS continues to demonstrate its power, what does Obama say or do?  That he "doesn't have a strategy" for dealing with ISIS (see:   

In addition, the White House and Obama continue to say that "the United States is not at war with ISIS,"even though the militant group has repeatedly said it is targeting the U.S. and plans to raise the Islamic flag in the White House.  (Sad to say, judging from his anti-American rhetoric and policies,  Obama might not mind seeing the Islamic flag flying over the White House)...

ISIS IS at war with the United States.  The United States can continue to pretend that we are NOT at war with ISIS, but what will the consequences of such blatant ignorance be?  Burying our heads in the sand doesn't work. And  isn't the Commander-In-Chief responsible for the national security of the nation?   That is one of the duties of the president.  (Probably one of the duties that he doesn't like, as it may require some heavy lifting on his part.  Hey, I know...pass it off to the negotiating wonder John Kerry!  or better yet. the foreign policy expert...Joe Biden!!!) 

In addition, ISIS came to power directly BECAUSE of Obama's bad decisions.  Obama wanted our troops to leave Iraq simply to fulfill his campaign promise about ending the war.  Bring the troops home.  Fine and good, but poorly thought out.  Obama's decision (yes, Obama's NOT George Bush's!) created a power vacuum which needed to be filled.  And remember,  Obama even provided the enemies with dates of troop withdrawals!  Obama could have left more American troops in Iraq - which was well on its way to a democracy and  was well-stabilized when President George W. Bush left office.  Obama chose not to.   Obama left Iraq hanging.  Obama allowed ISIS to gain control, doing nothing until a "humanitarian" effort was required.  Obama's "leadership" decisions have made America unsafe.  Obama's "leadership" decisions have made other countries in the world unsafe.  The One has no one to blame but himself.   A perfect example is the "red line" regarding Syria.  Obama threatened that if Syria used chemical weapons, they would cross his "red line" and there would be consequences.  Syria crossed the "red line" and did indeed use chemical weapons.  Obama did nothing.  The world watched.  Remember Russia invading Ukraine?  Obama did nothing.  The world watched.  Remember Iraq falling to pieces?  Obama did nothing.  The world watched.  Remember Israel being bombed on a daily basis by Hamas?  Obama did nothing (except speak out against Israel!).  The world watched.   

The world is witnessing a weak and rudderless United States of America.  Being "lead" by a man more concerned with his golf score, hangin' with celebs, going to fundraisers, havin' fun, making sure gays can marry, people can smoke pot,  women can have free abortions, illegals can stream into the country, and fast food restaurants raise the "minimum wage."   Aside from his favorite hobby of pitting Americans against Americans.

See, The One has better things to do.  More fun things - things HE enjoys.

The saying "Nero fiddled while Rome burned" has never been more true when applied to the "leadership" skills of Barack Hussein Obama.

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