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Global Humbug IX-Environmental Madness

Environment, National Issues

Creation took God six days--either literal or not, machts nichts. On the seventh day He rested. Even God was tired from the effort to create a perfect universe--Scripture says "It was good." Since then, man has messed with it, doing nothing but screwing it up. One huge example is the world's greatest scam, Global Climate Change.

We are despoiling the landscape with innumerable windmills, or "bird grinders" as I call them. They are killing an estimated 600,000 birds a year, all without a peep from the Audubon Society. The response? "Well, cats kill more." Meanwhile, this forest of ugly behemoths generates only a few percent of our power, requiring massive backup systems to maintain output when the wind does not blow. They are expensive, noisy and maintenance intensive. To paraphrase Joyce Kilmer, "I think that I shall never see, a windmill lovely as a tree." Amen.

In the Mojave Desert, there is a monstrous installation of hundreds of mirrors focusing sunlight on a water tank on top of a tower. The concentrated beam of sunlight boils the water which powers a steam turbine generating sufficient power for 140,000 homes, a small fraction of the number supplied by a typical fossil-fueled or nuclear power plant. Problem: The heat from the concentrated sunlight attracts insects, which attract birds. The birds fly through the invisible beam and the heat ignites their feathers. They plummet to earth streaming smoke from their burning feathers; locals refer to them as "streamers". Observers report a streamer about every two minutes.

Now the Oklahoma company that built this monstrosity wants to build another one, right below a migratory flyway for, among others, endangered avian species. Unbelievable. The cognizant federal government agency--I believe the EPA--has responded to public concern over the carnage by agreeing to "study" the problem for a year. Oh, goody!

There has been no global warming for the last 17 years since the "hockey stick" year of 1998, not one degree. Even the advocates are having trouble calling this "just an anomaly." The seas have risen only a couple of centimeters, a normal variation. The polar bears are doing fine despite predictions of their demise, as are the caribou.The polar ice cap is still there. Antarctic glaciers are thickening. Repeated predictions of more severe hurricane seasons for the last ten years have failed to materialize. Fossil fuels frustratingly show no signs of running out. Not one single dire prediction, based on nothing more substantial than increasingly elaborate--and costly--computer simulations, has come to pass. Bummer. There is not one solid piece of evidence supporting catastrophic consequences of global climate change, yet our esteemed president threatens to unilaterally impose carbon restrictions and other onerous regulation, increasing energy-based costs for all of us (Have your grocery and electricity bills gone up recently??)

When are people going to realize that all this climate change nonsense has nothing to do with the environment or "saving the planet?" It's all about the great Liberal utopian dream of total government control. They truly believe that government can fix anything and everything, only given enough power and control. I cannot think of a single governmental fiddling with the environment that has turned out well. Can you?

For one example, God created the perfect barrier to protect our pristine fresh-water Great Lakes from ocean salt: Niagara Falls, a perfect one-way check valve. Then man, with visions of great profit dancing in his head, decided to make an entryway for ocean freighters to the Lakes and, with Canadian connivance, built the St. Lawrence Seaway bypassing the Falls. We now have virtually no ocean going freighters because most current ones are too large for the Seaway locks, but we do have 187 invasive species in our Lakes, including the lovely Quagga and Zebra mussels. As the man says,"How did that work out for ya?"

We should have left it all alone God did it right..

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