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I'm confused... (UPDATED 8/25/14)

UPDATED 8/25/14):

I do not have a Facebook page, having no desire to respond to comments.  However, in order to clarify my position on my blog (since, much like the title, some readers are "confused"), I have updated my post with the following:

In my blog (shown below)  I AM pointing out that Barack Hussein Obama has NO problem negotiating with terrorists to exchange five of the most dangerous terrorists the world has seen for a U.S. military deserter.  I AM pointing out the hypocrisy - how Obama then refuses to pay a ransom for a journalist held prisoner by terrorists, who eventually was beheaded.  Obama appears to be a "selective terrorist negotiator."

I firmly believe  that the United States should NEVER negotiate with terrorists in ANY case.

Hope this clears up any "confusion."


I'm confused...

President Barack Hussein Obama showed no qualms about "dealing" with terrorists in the past.  On June 30, 2009,  Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl snuck away from his military base in Southeast Afghanistan after reportedly making careful plans to desert his platoon. Bergdahl CHOSE to leave his military unit, and simply left, and by all accounts from his fellow soldiers sympathized with the enemy, expressed anti-American sentiments,  and wanted to join up with terrorists.  Bergdahl did manage to find some terrorists to team up with, but after several years was deemed a "prisoner."    Well, later on, President Barrack Hussein Obama saw fit to "exchange" this less-than-stellar example of an American soldier -  for the release of five of the most dangerous terrorists being held in Club Gitmo.  Yep.  Remember how Obama even held a "kumbaya" moment with Bergdahl's anti-American parents on national television at the White House?   The pony-tailed father even made a statement in Arabic and "praised Allah" for Bergdahl's release.

I'm confused.

Contrast this with the recent beheading of journalist James Foley.  Foley had been a real prisoner (no, he didn't flee American troops and wish to join up with the terrorists who held him captive) for several years.  It is coming out now that the terrorists wanted to make a deal for some money in exchange for Foley.  (See:  The White House said "no deal."  Because the White House doesn't deal with terrorists?

I'm confused.

So, let's get this straight.  It is OK to bargain with terrorists and make deals IF the "prisoner" is a deserter?  Yet, it is NOT OK to pay a couple hundred thousand to save the life of an American journalist?  OK.  So we hear about "not making deals" with terrorists.  But under Obama - WE SURE DID!    What are the parameters or the guidelines that Obama follows for negotiating with terrorists?

Even more confusing...

The ongoing imprisonment of a REAL American soldier in Mexico -  Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.  Tahmooressi is a 25-year-old US Marine reservist. He served four years in the Marines and did two tours in Afghanistan before finishing active duty in 2012. He was honorably discharged in November 2012.  Unfortunately for Tahmooressi, he took a wrong a turn in Mexico, accidentally crossed the border, and had three registered guns in his truck.  The Mexican police arrested him for the weapons, and he has been sitting in a Mexican jail since March 31st.  Tahmooressi's mother, Jill, made the following plea on behalf of her son: “He’s fighting for his freedom. He’s fighting for his life and he needs his country now."  Obama has done NOTHING to prompt the release of Tahmooressi, when all it would take is one phone call.  

Even more confusing...   

Back to James Foley and his brutal beheading....  Four minutes after a brief televised speech - saying that the death of James Foley was wrong and that (hold your breath) the perpetrators "will be brought to justice" (how often have we heard those meaningless words???), and that America really won't be going after ISIS or changing our "humanitarian" mission in Iraq, Obama left.  Returning to "vacation mode."    Four minutes after eulogizing James Foley, appearing angry and somber,  four minutes after saying American really isn't going to do a whole lot regarding Foley's death or the ISIS threat (a few bombings here or there...too little...too late),  Obama was teeing up his first drive on the golf course.  Four minutes later.  Yukking it up with his golf pals.  Havin' a good ole' time.  Like even some Dems are saying:  the "optics" just aren't appropriate.   Something is wrong here.  Something is wrong with Obama.  Something is wrong with a leader who says a few words but does nothing.  Something is wrong with an individual - the President of the United States - who can appear totally indifferent and disengaged to the issues at large, yet appears very intent on having a good time, no matter what.

The United States has never been weaker.  The United States enemies have never been bolder.  The world is burning.  All due in one way or another to Obama and Obama's lack of leadership. ISIS has now been deemed a very real and dangerous threat to the United States of America. And what IS the main concern about the "lead-from-the-behinder"-chief?  Why, what his golf handicap is!!!

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