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America's Weakness

On Monday, August 4th, political commentator, author, and television host Bill O'Reilly appeared on his show "The O'Reilly Factor" and presented the following "talking points" memo.  "America's Weakness" should be required viewing for every American - especially those of voting age.


A briefer summary of "America's Weakness" from O'Reilly's website:

"The Economist magazine recently asked a provocative question: 'What would America fight for?'
The magazine editorialized that President Obama's 'cumulative message is weakness.' In Iraq, the Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS is 60 miles from Baghdad. President Obama has done little to degrade the ISIS army and now it is taunting the president, who told us weeks ago that he was 'studying' the ISIS situation. That's the pattern - the president studies, analyzes, then does nothing, which shows America's weakness.
We all know about Putin's aggressive moves, China is threatening to take islands in the Far East, and all over the world there is fear in the air. Back home, the earning power of the American worker continues to decline, with median income down 7% since President Obama has been in office. This weakens the average American home, causing millions to turn to the federal government for financial support. That raises the debt, which is now projected to be $20-trillion by the time Barack Obama leaves office. Then there is social weakness.
We are living in a society that is largely secular, where narcissistic behavior and selfish pursuits are on the rise. Millions of Americans are addicted to the Internet, spending vast amounts of times texting, tweeting, and watching dubious entertainment. The crusade to legalize marijuana is nearly hysterical, with pot proponents almost making it a Constitutional issue. Coupled with that is the incredible sympathy some on the left have for drug dealers of all kinds. When a society goes soft on evildoers, it becomes weak, and people who sell narcotics are evil. How about American children? In many public schools they are getting an inferior education.
The cold truth is that American society is growing weaker, and anyone who challenges that trend is demonized by the liberal media. The left screams about income inequality when its own policies are downgrading job development and failing to help the poor. The Obama administration stokes that fire. Rather than laying out a road map of self-reliance, liberal politicians and the media encourage 'social justice' and income redistribution.
Summing up, President Obama ran on a platform of prosperity, uniting American, and a bold new progressive vision that would provide for the poor and ensure a level playing field. None of that has come to pass. What we have is declining power overseas, an enormous debt, a porous southern border, and a population of 320-million Americans, many of whom are apathetic and ill-informed. I have never seen America weaker than it is today."

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