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There's Something About Mary

Recently I penned a blog called "Trick or Trek" which demonstrated the usual hypocrisy from the left.  The point of "Trick or Trek" was to show how an ad by Governor Scott Walker's campaign pointed out that Mary  Burke represents exactly what liberals despise so WHY would they vote for her?  The company that Mary Burke worked for (when she wanted to) and was founded by her father (Richard Burke) -  Trek Bicycles - actually outsources 99.5% of it's bike manufacturing to China and other foreign countries.  This is TRUE.    In addition, Trek pays it's foreign workers very little ($2 per hour has been mentioned and NOT disputed by the Burke family).  TRUE.    Trek makes a huge  profit.  TRUE.   The Burke family has reaped the benefits of owning a successful corporation, started by their daddy.  TRUE.

Hmmm.  So, from this past blog, one of the conservative commenters to my site suggested that perhaps - just perhaps -  Mary had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  Well, that took some lefties by surprise!!!  EGADS!  How Mitt Romney-ish!!! We can't have that!  Profits are evil!  Companies that succeed are evil!  Families that prosper from taking advantage of the poor workers are evil!  Wealthy families that get wealthier and eventually pass on their wealth to their children are evil!!!  Companies that pay their workers piddly wages (overseas) are evil!   Companies that pay nothing in state taxes are evil!!!   Boo hiss!!! 

 A response to the comment regarding the dreaded "silver spoon" quip,  tying Mary in to a life of privilege,  goes as follows:

"Dont'cha know her daddy started Trek in a barn?  Trek was born of blood, sweat, and tears?
 Mary Burke was age 17 in 1976 when her father founded Trek. She was 20 ( 21?) when the company approached $2,000,000 in sales (that's sales, not profits). So, the notion that she was born into enormous wealth is just plain bullsh*t.
She has a degree in finance from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard. Now, I suppose that means absolutely nothing to some, but to many folks of a common sense variety, that's very impressive. Very unimpressive is Scott Walker's 2.59 GPA when he dropped out of college.
"Burke bought her school board seat in Madison by spending a whopping $130K, 12x her opponent"
She self-financed her last campaign. So? "

 Ah.  So many things wrong with that "bullsh*t"  from the individual who goes by the moniker:  "Alex Killibrand."

See, the Democrats and the media like to foster the idea that Richard Burke (founder of Trek and daddy of Mary) somehow rose up from utter poverty,  toiled away in a red barn (which has even been used in ads for Mary), and built the company up from nothing.

Now, let's pause a moment, shall we?

Has anyone ever REALLY delved into Burkes' upbringing?  No.  Just like Barack Hussein Obama, I guess the mainstream media figures Burke's past isn't really important when figuring out who she is as a political figure.  The media - in anointing Burke their "chosen one" - apparently feels no need to really research and report on her past (oh so similar as to how they gave Barry Hussein Obama a free pass).   They'd rather ignore such information as irrelevant.   Just a few generic things have trickled out, such as the media reporting that Mary Burke "grew up in Hartland."  A harmless statement, but very broad and non-descript.

Let's take that report a step further.  Guess where in Hartland Mary Burke grew up?  A house located on the pristine and very expensive shores of Beaver Lake.  One of the most (if not THE most) expensive lakes to live on in Lake Country.  Very exclusive.  Yep.  (Mary Burkes'  mother, Elaine,  still resides there to this day).  The house is by no means a "mansion" compared to other homes in the area (Chenequa Country Club also on the shores of  Beaver Lake), but rather an older, quaint cottage-style home.  Probably worth a few million by todays standards.  The family, years ago, was indeed described as "affluent" which is a nice way of saying "very rich."  Hmmm.  So the Burkes were never poor or struggling.  Quite the opposite.   Potential "silver spoon" material here...

And guess where Mary Burke went to school?  Mary went to University Lake School.  If anyone knows their private schools, University Lake School is excellent and -----  very expensive.  Current tuition ranges from $4000 to $17,000 PER YEAR.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Of course, Burke attended quite some time ago, but somehow I don't think that University Lake School would ever have had affordable rates for most people.  (By the way, the $4000 figure only applies to those who depend upon "tuition assistance.")  And remember, Mary comes from a family of five children.  Think the other Burke family kiddies attended public schools?   Hmmmm.  Think the Burke family needed "tuition assistance?"  Highly doubtful.   Potential "silver spoon" material here... 

So after a very affluent upbringing, Mary was able to attend Georgetown.  Not cheap by any means.   Then on to Harvard Business School which currently costs $95,000 per year.   Yes, you read that correctly.  $95,000 PER YEAR!!!

As for the "red barn" of which Trek was born.  Guess what?  Richard Burke, the "founder" of Trek, worked  a wide variety of jobs and finally ended up at  Roth Distributing (an appliance distributing firm). The owner of Roth fell dead one day at work of a heart attack.  Burke and another individual took over the company reins.  (It has been rumored that Elaine Sachs family (the same Elaine who eventually married Richard Burke - they did divorce later) had family ties to Roth ownership).  Well, it seems as though Roth Distributing financed Burke's "Trek"  bike adventure in the 1970's to the tune of $100,000.00.  Back in the 1970's,  $100,000 was A LOT of money.  So the "blood, sweat, and tears" might have had a rather cushy start....even if it was in a "red barn."  Think the family was "struggling" to support daddy's dream???  Eating mac 'n cheese every night to make ends meet?  I don't think so. 

All of this leads to the utter hypocrisy of the left.  Mary Burke IS a one-percenter.  Even the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel forced itself to do a story on the taxes the individual Burke family members pay - $1.77 million in personal income taxes in 2012.  Wow.  Imagine how much money one has to make in order to pay that much in personal income taxes!!!  Mary's brother, John Burke (the current CEO of Trek) paid a whopping $841,781 in 2012 in state taxes!  This was based on income of $10.8 million!!!  Think Mary is far behind?  She is unwillilng to disclose her entire net worth and income, and has only admitted to what the requirements are for one running for office.  (In 2012 she paid state taxes of $120,316 on a reported income of $1.5 million).  Also interesting to note is that Trek Corporation itself has not paid state income taxes for several decades.  (Another FACT that usually makes lefties go ballistic).  Trek, like many other private businesses, utilizes lawful loopholes to skate around paying state taxes.  I say good for them, but the liberals usually despise businesses and their owners that do such things.

So the lefties have put a true one-percenter up at their candidate for governor.  An individual who worked a few years for her daddy, took off a few years to snowboard in Colorado and Argentina and find herself, and then went back to work and outsourced jobs to China.  (Remember, Trek produces less than one percent  of all the bikes it makes in Wisconsin.  99.5% are done in other countries at cheaper ($2 an hour) labor rates).  What exactly would the liberal media be saying about a Republican candidate who grew up weathly, worked when they wanted to, took a few years off to "snowboard" and "find themselves," later outsourced jobs to foreign countries,   retired from their daddy's company in their mid-50's (living off of stock dividends), bought herself a seat on the Madison School Board, and then decided to run for office of the governor, for grins???  Egads.  The media would rip them to shreds.  .Anyone care to suggest differently?  with a straight face?

Now before the usual suspects burst a blood vessel calling me a "hypocrite" on Mary Burke - read slowly:

I could care less how successful Trek and/or Mary Burke have been.  Good for her that she had a nice and very comfortable upbringing - at the best schools money can buy.  The family lived well.  So what?  I could care less how wealthy Mary Burke is.  In fact, I say "good for her" if she can retire (as she has) in her 50's.  Who among us wouldn't want to be able to do so, too, if we could!    I say good for the Burke family that they put out a product that sells well and they make a profit on it and that they provide jobs for thousands!  Unlike the Great Divider:  Barry Hussein Obama - I am not jealous of those who experience success in private business and reap the profits and enjoy a very wealthy lifestyle.  HOWEVER, by all accounts, liberals everywhere should be appalled that an individual like Burke is their chosen one to run against Governor Scott Walker in November!!!     

Just remember, lefties, come election time, Mary Burke represents the very type of individual you villify.  Enormous wealth, born wealthy, well-bred in Ivy League schools, worked when she felt like it, retired when she wanted to, buys her way into politics.  And just HOW does she relate to the "middle class" that she claims she so wants to help?

Please.  Give me a break.  Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, or any ISIS terroris could be running against Scott Walker and lefties would vote for him for no other reason than they suffer from Acute Walker Derangement Syndrome and hate him so much they would rather see anyone else as governor.  And Mary Burke is a pathetic and hypocritical choice by any means.   No real accomplishments on her own.  Nothing she can point to as a success.  She was a dud in the Doyle Administration (well, gotta give her a pass on that cuz everyone in the Doyle Administration WAS a dud!), and seemed to coast along in Trek - working when she wanted to...playing when she wanted to... Governor Walker, on the other hand, in the face of numerous obstacles (including the recall election),  has managed to bring Wisconsin back from the brink of the Doyle disaster years - growing jobs, allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money, turning a $3 billion dollar state deficit into a $300 million dollar surplus, balanced the state budget, creating a "business-friendly" environment, and setting the stage for even more prosperity, growth, and fiscal soundness for years to come.  In a sane world, Governor Scott Walker should win - hands down. 

"This is what Democracy looks like." 


In closing, even Politifact has a difficult time finding ANYTHING Mary Burke has been truthful about.  I kid you not!  The liberal-friendly Politifact (otherwise known as "Politicrap") has more than a few "pants on fires" for Ms. Burke.  Out of 19 issues Politifact investigated relating to Ms. Burke, 75% of her statements were deemed "pants on fire,"  "false,"  "mostly false," and "half true."  Only 5 statements were even rated "mostly true" and Ms. Burke had ZERO statements rated "true!"    And given Ms. Burkes' penchant for not having opinions on major issues or being forthcoming in what she would do to "improve" Wisconsin, or being confused about when exactly she worked at her daddy's company, or what years she even left to go "find herself," one can bet there will be lots more to come!!!


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