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The unbelievable irony...

President Obama, ignoring the volatile issues of the world (many of his own making) and numerous scandals and problems at home (many of his own making), has embarked on a Democratic fund-raising tour for several days, then a sixteen day vacation to Martha's Vineyard.  Must be so nice to be a president and able to ignore everything that is going on in favor of fun, golf, and just relaxin'....(although we Americans should be grateful Obama is going on vacation - for more than two weeks The One will not be using his "pen and phone" to bypass Congress,  ignore the Constitution, and rewrite laws as he sees fit!).

While enjoying his fundraising tour for his party, hosted by numerous Hollywood stars,  billionaires, and CEO's of major corporations (hypocrisy at it's finest yet again from the anti-business, anti-success, anti-one-percenter lefties),  the president's motorcade in Los Angeles actually prevented a pregnant woman from crossing the street to get to a hospital to have her baby!  The delay lasted approximately half an hour until the woman could get care.


Here's the story:

So Obama is on the left-coast, traveling on his Magical Mystery Tour, havin' fun, hangin' out with other Dems, socialists, anti-Americans, and commies, and lovin' it.

Yet, here is a pregnant woman - unable to get to the hospital BECAUSE of Obama!!!

Barack Hussien Obama - the most divisive president this nation has ever known - the one who constantly claims that Republicans don't care about women, they don't care about women's reproductive "rights,"  they don't care about women's health,  this very same Obama physically blocks a pregnant woman from going to a hospital to have her baby!

Ah, the unbelievable irony!!!  One cannot make this stuff up.

Some have suggested that if this woman was trying to get into an abortion clinic, the motorcade would have put on the brakes and allowed her to cross the street...maybe Obama would have jumped out and personally escorted her!!!

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