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All KINDS of stuff. Mostly ideas... politics, science, religion, fishing, food ....stuff that your mom told you wasnt polite to discuss.

33rd Topic - Pick a Vector

I love this state and I had a chance to take some time to explore a piece of it (Great River Road along the Mississippi and the Driftless area). Based on my experience, here is my suggestion of what to do:

  • Pick a direction and a distance (that's all a vector is). The distance is a function of how much time you can afford.   Anywhere between a couple of hours, up to a week or two will do.

  • Get in the car and go.

  • Do NOT allow you car on an interstate. Do whatever you can to restrict yourself to county roads or if possible, town roads.

  • Whenever you see a historical marker or scenic outlook, or interresting building or a rumage sale or a farm market stop and look.

  • Stop at every third bridge that crosses water of any sort. Check the flow. Look for fish.

  • Whenever you see a small place labeled "Cafe" or "Eat" stop there. Try the pie. Find a local paper or "shopper" and see whats going on. Do NOT consume food or beverage, or lodge at ANY franchise of ANY sort with the exception of Waffle House (which you'd have to drive pretty far to find). There may be other exceptions (like George Webb, for instance), but Im doubtful.

  • Whenever and whereever you stop (and this is important, and maybe the whole point of this exercise), you must talk to other people. The waitress, the guy selling bait, the cashier at the gas station. Make up a question if you need to: "Is there a local park nearby?" "Is there a good carpenter in town?" "Hows the fishing been?"  "How's the corn (or whatever local crop is growing) looking?" "Does this look infected?" "When do they plan on fixing that damn road?" "How's the local high school footbal team looking, for next fall?"
    Stop and ask for directions every once in awhile, whether you need them or not.

  • When you get to the end point of your vector, come back home, a different route, still maintaining all the rules above.

Its a great state full of great people, and Im proud and humbled to counted as one of them.

There's some pretty good pie out there, too.

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