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OK, so Obama is WORST president ever...what's next?

OK.  Most Americans admit to buyer's remorse (wishing they would have voted for Mitt Romney in 2012) and are unhappy with what "The One" is doing in terms of "leading" (cough cough) the country.  Obama won the poll for worst president ever, as I wrote about in a recent blog.  (See:

So what's next?

The American economy still stinks.  Tens of thousands of Americans have totally given up even bothering to look for work.   They are not counted in those rosy employment numbers being reported by the government. 

The world as we know it is imploding.  Israel is finally standing up to the daily bombings it endures from Hamas.  Israel is fighting back.  Yet, can they count on the United States to help out?  No.  I don't think so.  Obama and Co. seem more compassionate towards the terrorists, always suggesting that Israel "show restraint."  In the meantime,  terrorists have even established their own country in Iraq.  Who-da-thunk it?  After all, didn't The One have terrorists on the run?  What happened?  The world is erupting into a dangerous tipping point, with terrorists gaining a lot of power and territory.  Russia, Iran, and North Korea are doing their own thing, ignoring the United States or,  in several instances, going out of their way to taunt us with shows of their own military strength - knowing there will be no consequences.  (Obama seems to use disappearing ink for his "red line.")   How did this happen? Why?

The world has become increasingly more violent and unsafe under the rule of Obama.  Obama - a president who refuses to support our allies and instead seems intent on appeasing enemies.  Obama - who has made the United States a laughing stock - weak and ineffective. ( Hey, I bet trading five highly dangerous terrorist leaders in exchange for one anti-American loser is a great deal!  Hey, let's make that exchange!!!)  A weak United States creates a much more dangerous world.  A strong United States (which has disappeared under the rule of Obama) would be better for the world at large.  Yet, Obama has allowed the United States to become a joke.   Why?

And what exactly is The One doing?  Well, he hasn't missed a weekend of golf!  Ten straight weekends in a row and counting!!!  Gosh, he must be workin' so hard he needs a break...

Imagine if George W. Bush had been golfing while "Rome burned."  Think the people would have been up in arms?  You betcha.  But when it comes to Obama... all we get out of the media is a yawn.

So we have the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the mess known as "Obamacare,"  the NSA scandal,  Fast and Furious, illegal CHILDREN flooding the borders (at the bequest of Obama working hand in hand with governments south of the border),  and ignorance of the dangers that are currently facing the world.  Yet, what does THE ONE focus on?  Why, sex on the college campus!  Fighting against denying abortion pills to whining coeds!  The war on women (a ginned up crisis manufactured by Dems) or the "inequality" when it comes to working wages or (stifle the laughter) the "global warming" problem. Fighting AGAINST states who wish to enact laws to control their borders against illegals!  Fighting AGAINST states that support Voter ID in order to ensure every vote is legal.   Good grief.  The country - and world - are imploding and THE ONE as expected, is focusing attention on every silly, goofy social cause under the sun.  In between rounds of golf.  Fighting against common sense laws.  Ignoring other laws that he is required to enforce by the Constitution.

Saul Alinsky would be proud. Obama has studied the "Rules for Radicals" book and implemented the instructions to the letter.   Obama has learned well.  Obama has been a stellar student.  Too bad the entire nation will suffer.  Too bad this anti-American socialist couldn't have been thrown out of office or impeached.  Nah, we couldn't do that to the "first black president" for fear of being perceived as "racist."  Never mind that most people could care less what color this dangerous man is, and instead do care about how he is managing to tear down the United States with reckless abandon.  The next president will indeed have his work cut out for him.  Obama has done so much intentional damage to the stability, power,  and goodness of the United States of America that the next president will have to devote much of his presidency to cleaning up the mess.

God help us all.

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