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C'mon - bring 'em on in!!! Future Democratic voters of America unite!

So the "Commander-In-Chief" refuses to go to the Texas border to witness the influx of illegal aliens being dropped off by the thousands.  He preferres to attend fundraisers for his own party.  Saying he is being "kept informed" on the illegal alien situation by others.

Imagine if George W. Bush had done the same during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Refusing to go and see the mayhem himself,  but relying on the words of others.  Think the public would have been outraged?  You bet - and rightfully so

But does Obama get the same scrutiny or disapproval as Bush?  For refusing to see the devastation?

No way.  (As a matter of fact, the mainstream media has really downplayed the tens of thousands of illegals coming into the country like never before.  No pics, no videos on the evening news.  Few reports.  Calling the illegals every name BUT illegal - nope, instead they are "undocumented workers,"  "immigrants," or "refugees".  After all, the media wouldn't want to make "The One" look bad...they've got his back (and then some...)).

Tens of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrant CHILDREN are streaming across our borders!  Right now! 

And what is the Commander-In-Chief doing?


Obama's too busy with fundraisers for the Democratic Party.  You know, shooting pool and drinking beer.  Rubbing elbows with future Democratic candidates for political positions.  Neglecting the real issues of what is going on in the world.  Blaming Republicans and Bush for disasters of his own making.  In other words, business as usual.

Obama's OWN POLICIES of NOT enforcing the borders have gotten the United States into real trouble.  Obama has sent a signal to countries south of the border - c'mon in!  The gates are open!  Flood the borders - right now!   We'll simply issue you a "summons" to appear in court in the future.  In the meantime, just disappear into the United States.  We won't really expect you to show up in court (wink wink) to get sent back to wherever you came from!  Obama is refusing to enforce the very policies he is REQUIRED to enforce as president.  As we have seen quite often with this president  - if Obama doesn't like a law, he refuses to support it.  As president, he should not be able to pick and choose what he likes to enforce and what he does not.

Thousands of illegal immigrant children - many without parents - are coming into America.  What for?  To find a "better life" without their parents?  Hardly.  How does showing up without ones parents in a foreign country bode well for a child's future?  What happens to these kids?  Foster parents?  (are there enough?),  What about all the illnesses they are bringing?  What about the cost?  What about the dangers (many of the young teenagers are said to have gang ties)?   Eventually, most - if not all -  will be on the dole.  How - in any sane world - does that benefit our country? 

This IS Obama's America! 

Thousands upon thousands of illegals entering the country with no consequences - soon to be dependent upon the government for their every need.  Americans - hard working Americans -  WILL be paying the price. 

What country DOES this?  What country ALLOWS this to happen?  Not many.  Most, if not all, have very strict rules and laws (that such countries actually ENFORCE!!!)  about who can and cannot enter a country - for very good reasons.  What has happened to the United States of America?  Obama.  Obama has happened.  No rules apply.  So sad that under Obama, the United States of America seems to have no borders - terrorists, illegals, whomever, is free to enter without any consequences.  Chaos - what the Obama nation thrives on.

Just the way The One wants it.  Future Democratic voters - dependent for their every need and want upon the government.  Ain't life grand!!!

On to the next crisis or scandal of the day...

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