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The Dogs of War-Scott Walker

Politics, Local Issues

The dogs are in full cry. They think they have Gov. Scott Walker treed, and well they might. The formerly "secret" John Doe documents recently released seem, at least from reading the media reports, to consist mostly of allegations and accusations by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's staff. In case you just came out of your cave, he, John Chisolm, is a Democrat. If you carefully read the report in Friday's daily newspaper, it consists almost totally of quotes and statements by said prosecutors, who not only have been defeated in the courts but are actually being sued.

Lost in the fog is the fact that state and federal judges have shut down the second John Doe, now well into its third year, stating clearly that there is no evidence of a crime having been committed by Walker or his campaign staff. I won't go into all the legal ramifications, which are complex, but essentially money spent in political advocacy is virtually unlimited so long as said advocacy does not specifically endorse a candidate. The advocacy can parallel the campaign platform of a candidate so long as he or she is not mentiond by name. Consultation between the candidate and advocating entities is also not illegal so long as there is no quid pro quo.

The real issue here is the blind anger of the left at Scott Walker, who took a state spent into fiscal danger by a Democratic governor and turned it around into one with a budget surplus, and he (horrors!) actually cut taxes in the bargain. Coupled with his unprecedented defeat of a recall which cost unions and other lefties mucho bucks, the dogs are indeed ravenous.

The news media is complicit in this hatchet job because, while obviously left-leaning, they most specifically do not like a totally Republican, conservative to boot, state government. They would like to see a Democrat governor to put things into "balance". Translation: gridlock is better than conservatism. I am reminded of a quotation from Samuel Johnson, who said, referring to journalists:

Truth, Sir, is a cow which will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull." 

Thus we have a campaign of innuendo, allegation and accusation with, as the courts have stated, no basis in fact. Scott Walker has committed no crime, but that won't stop the dogs. This story will have "legs", with a story-a-day for a long time. Many unthinking voters, and there are many, will assume that where there is smoke, there is fire. "He must be guilty of something because I have heard it so often." This is a basic principle of propaganda.

Sadly, this might just work in November. If it does, then we are indeed in deep trouble, because the left will have found a strategy to take down anyone they don't like with nothing more than fog and smoke. And they sure don't like Scott Walker.

Are we going to let them get away with it? I hope not, but I am not optimistic.

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