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Come Mr. Taliban, Taliban banana...daylight come and me wanna go home...

I know.  It's a ridiculous headline, but no more ridiculous than the latest Obama scandal.

President Obama - the lawless arrogant president that he is - saw fit to violate U.S. policy against negotiating with terrorists AND ignore rules requiring him to give 30 days notice to Congress to discuss any prisoner releases during wartime.  Hey, but we all know the laws don't apply to this President.  He doesn't like the Constitution, so he ignores it.  Threatens to work around Congress with his "pen and phone."  And he does it. 

Such is the case yet again.  The "Commander-In-Chief" somehow thought it would be a great idea to exchange five high level terrorists - the most dangerous and powerful of those in captivity in Guantanamo Bay - for an American deserter - Bowe Bergdahl.   No need to tell Congress.  And that lil' ole policy against negotiating with terrorists?  Ignore it!  So what?!?  The rules don't apply to The One.

The scandals and anti-American policies and actions just keep on coming out of Camp Obama.  Some Americans seem to be almost immune to the disaster that is the Obama presidency, as if the scandals have become simply the norm.  From the NSA, the IRS, the Fast and Furious,  Benghazi, the VA, and now the release of five terrorists in exchange for a deserter.   

In this "bargain" guess who comes out ahead?  It isn't the United States. The President of the United States has given the Taliban - terrorists! -  reason to celebrate.  And they are.  They have posted a video of the "prisoner exchange" to give the middle finger to the United States.   They are able to show their supporters and comrades what power they have over our country by capturing and releasing one American.  An American - who by all accounts from his fellow soldiers - left his post and simply walked away. Abandoned his fellow soldiers.  Deserted.  Expressed anti-American sentiments.  Didn't even want to BE an American.  (Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is warning we must not "rush to judgement" on Bergdahl.  Say what?  As far back as 2010 a Pentagon investigation into Bergdahl concluded that he walked away from his unit.  The soldiers Bergdahl served will are saying the same thing.  Bergdahl's commanding officers concur.  When the facts are such, why in the world is Hagel cautioning against "rushing to judgement?")   

The blowback to this prisoner exchange has been huge - and the anger and outrage continue to grow as they should.  This is a VERY good thing.  After all the Obama scandals and misdeeds and policy blunders, trading five very dangerous terrorists for one American deserter may have been the wake-up call some Obamazombies and other low-information voters needed. 

To begin with, a huge "red flag" moment occurred when Obama paraded out the parents of Bowe Bergdahl in the Rose Garden to announce his "rescue."    Good ole' dad spoke Arabic, thanked Allah and the Afghan people.  Hmmmm.  Good ole dad also had a beard that may have lent itself to an interpretation that he is sympathetic to Muslims or is a Muslim himself.  Good ole dad had also sent out numerous anti-American tweets which were eventually taken down.  Good ole dad has signed numerous anti-American petitions in past years (like those from the anti-American group Code Pink).    Good ole dad looked like a complete whack job.  And Obama was right up there standing next to the father of the deserter, beaming.  

It is said that six soldiers were KILLED looking for this deserter who intentionally left his post.  (The families of these six soldiers are FURIOUS as expected.)  The military spent 60 days out on dangerous patrol looking for Bergdahl -putting their lives on the line every day.  Looking for Bergdahl.  They are the true "heroes" here.    Yet, Obama wanted to portray Bergdahl as a "hero" who needed to be released due to "health reasons." (Hmmm.  Sounds a lot like the M.O. for how Benghazi was spun.  Blame a video (lie) for weeks.  In this case, try to portray Bergdahl as a "hero."  In other words, lie.)  By all accounts, Bergdahl could walk on his own and, although thin, appeared to be in good shape when "rescued."  Hmmmm.  

So what WAS the rush, Mr. Obama? 

I have my theories.  Whenever a scandal breaks in the Obama Administration, another one pops up to take its place, or some other diversion tactic is used.   Benghazi was gearing up for another round of questions designed to finally get to the bottom of what happened.  Well, then up out of the blue comes a goofy story about a very wealthy  basketball team owner who made a racist comment in the privacy of his own home.  This little event went viral and, in my opinion,  was totally blown up waaaay out of proportion - but it helped overshadow the Benghazi issue for a time.  Next up,  the VA scandal, which  has been festering for a few weeks now.  Also, the complaints about not closing Club Gitmo (another Obama promise - broken, of course) were once again coming - especially with Obama planning to "end things" in Afghanistan by bringing home most of the soldiers currently serving over there.  (It has been suggested that the release of the "dream team" of five dangerous terrorists is Obama's way of slowly emptying Club Gitmo).

So, next "diversion."  Obama and Co. thought Americans would think the release of Bowe Bergdahl would be cheered - and make Obama look good.  They had NO CLUE that most Americans don't view the world as they do - looking through anti-American, radical glasses.  

The President of the United States - Barrack Hussein Obama -  has put America and Americans in danger.  He has released five very dangerous terrorists to kill again.  He has put American soldiers and other Americans around the globe at risk for being kidnapped.  Terrorists now know that Americans can be used as "bargaining chips" in exchange for other dangerous terrorists currently locked up.  Obama is a traitor to his own country and he is not upholding his presidential oath.  In a sane world, Obama would be impeached. 

Hopefully this incident will keep more Americans on their toes and make them pay attention to what is going on in our country - and what is going on is not good, nor in the best interest of America.

As for Obama's "sincerity" about the urgency and dire need of this rescue:  if we don't leave our men behind as you say (never mind Benghazi where we left "our men" to die), Mr. Obama, what in the world are you doing to help free a REAL American hero - a decorated, honorable serviceman - currently locked in a Mexican jail simply for making a wrong turn?  And you wouldn't even need to trade any more dangerous terrorists to do it.  All it would take is a phone call.  (See:   Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's complete lack of interest concerning Marine Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi's situation is troubling. 

Expect the next scandal or diversion shortly.  It's how Obama rolls.

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