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There is absolutely NO common sense argument against Voter ID

The following list of what people need a photo ID for was read on the air at WISN 1130  radio a few days ago.  The roster was compiled by the Washington Examiner:


You don’t need a photo ID to vote, but you do need one to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

You need one to open a bank account, or to apply for a job to fill that bank account.

You also need an ID to file for unemployment, and to apply for welfare, and Medicaid, and food stamps.

You need a photo ID to apply for Social Security

And to buy a home, and apply for a mortgage, or to rent a home.

You need a photo ID to drive a car, you need one to buy a new car, to buy a used car, heck, you even need one to rent a car. 

You need a photo ID to get on an airplane, and you need one to get married, and you need one to check into a hotel room for your honeymoon.

You need a photo ID to buy a gun, and to apply for a hunting license and a fishing license, and even to adopt a pet.

You need a photo ID to pick up a prescription, you need one to buy certain kinds of cold medicine, and you need one to donate blood. 

You need a photo ID to enter a casino, and you need one to buy lottery tickets.

You need one to buy a video game that’s rated M for Mature, and you need one to see a movie rated NC-17. 

You need a photo ID to buy a cell phone and apply for a coverage plan.

And, in perhaps the greatest irony of the entire Voter ID debate, you need a photo ID to hold a rally or protest, such as a rally or protest against requiring a photo ID to vote.


OK, lefties, bring it on.  What in the world is soooooo difficult about having a photo ID?  Most people DO have a photo ID in the form of a drivers license, passport, student IDs, etc.  Most people DO have some form of identification.  It is almost impossible to go day to day without any identification.  And if people do not have a photo ID, one can be provided for them - at no cost - at a variety of places.  Yet, this is asking too much?  How so?

Liberal activist judge Lynn Adelman (who struck down the Voter ID law, but thankfully it WILL be appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court) seems to think that people who cannot obtain a photo ID are too stupid, lazy,  or simply unwilling to do so.  So, according to Adelman,  we must NOT require a photo ID because, well, because people really don't cheat at the polls anyhow,  and requiring a photo ID is somehow racist.  (Adelman even questioned why anyone would try to vote illegally -  multiple times - as the penalties are so high, why, they'd have to be insane to vote more than once!!!  DoesAdelman's observation mean that no one would ever commit any type of crime (murder, rape, robbery, etc.), simply because the penalties are so high???  That, my friends, is what passes as "liberal logic").   Isn't Adelman's ruling racist in itself -   suggesting that minorities somehow just cannot do anything for themselves and are just helpless when it comes to obtaining a photo ID??? 

Face it - if people really want to vote in an election, they will.  If a photo ID is required to vote, people without one would take the few necessary steps needed to obtain one.  If they claim a hardship for doing so, a photo ID can and will be provided for free. 

Should voting be super easy?  Well, no.  The right to vote is extremely important.  I do believe that certain requirements must be in place in order to ensure the integrity of votes.  We already have age requirements.   We already have set times when the polls are open on election day and for early voting.   We also deem that legal voters be citizens of the United States.  Why is it so difficult to also require a photo ID so a citizen has to prove that they are who they say they are before casting a ballot?  Is that REALLY asking too much?

Over and over, polls show that a majority of people DO indeed want photo ID requirements to vote - after all, who wants their vote stolen or cancelled out?  I do believe the Wisconsin Supreme Court will rule in favor of Voter ID and Wisconsin voters will be better off for it.  And the left will continue to bloviate, sputter, and  protest against what voter ID represents to them (and it isn't the phony  "disenfranchising" excuse) - to the left Voter ID is an obstacle which will make it more difficult to cheat at election time. 


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