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Is anyone surprised?

--- Is anyone surprised that liberal activist judgeLynn Adelman struck down Wisconsin's Voter ID Law?  The day I heard that the challenge to this law was going to go before Adelman for a ruling a long time ago,  I knew it was DOA.  Only question is -  what took Adelman so long to do the expected?  Thankfully the groundless challenge to the Voter ID law will go before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and Voter ID will - once again - be recognized as a law.  (Update 5/4/14:  A great read on just how idiotic and desperate Adelman's ruling was, click on:  In this article, journalist Christian Schneider points out in a very factual manner just how Adelman's ruling doesn't have a leg to stand on.  One laughable point: Adelman implies that no one would vote illegally because the penalites are so high.  Oh my goodness.  Does this mean that no one would rob a bank because they might go to jail?  Adelman is nothing more than a leftie nut job - intent on blocking Voter ID simply so the left can continue to cheat at the polls.)

--- Is anyone surprised that President Barack Hussein Obama just couldn't help himself and had to weigh in on the ginned-up outrage to remarks made by NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling?  What is really ironic was Obama's statement:  

 "When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything, you just let them talk. That's what happened here."  - Barack Hussein Obama 

Funny, isn't Obama referencing himself in that statement?  After all, Obama was the one who couldn't help but show his own ignorance on several occasions.  Remember the President of the United States condemning all policemen by saying:"The police acted stupidly" before any of the facts came out in "Gates-gate."   Or who can forget the stupid Obama remark:  "Trayvon could have been my son." concerning the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman  case - before it even went to trial. 

What is really scary here - in the big picture -  is the fascist response to a private conversation - secretly taped - in someone's own home that went viral.  Sterlings remarks were disgusting, bigoted, and wrong.  However, they were taped illegally (without his knowledge) in his own home in a discussion with his "mistress" - and the remarks went viral.  The response was overwhelming angry and rightfully so.  But has anyone stopped to think for one minute about the freedom of speech?  Sterling made private remarks in a private setting.  These remarks were made public.  However, the level of outrage far exceeded what was necessary.    Why, anyone would have thought Sterling said he wanted to kill people or blow up buildings.  But that isn't the case.  Sterling commented that he didn't want his black/Asian mistress to bring black men to basketball games.  And for some reason the country - egged on by the media -  went completely nuts.  This IS frightening stuff, people.  The groundwork of a fascist country.  And Obama and Co. seem to be willing instigators, helping to stir the pot.

--- Is anyone surprised that the news media is pretty much ignoring the real "smoking gun" e-mails that just surfaced regarding Benghazi?  (You know, the attack where four Americans were murdered.  The attack that the Obama Adminstration blamed on a YouTube Video for days on end in order to simply salvage Barry's shot at a repeat as king?)  The e-mails prove that the Obama Administration KNEW FROM THE START that this was indeed a terrorist attack.  The e-mails prove that the "blame a YouTube video" was a lie that they picked to run with in order to save face and make it appear as though their foreign policies haven't been a complete disaster.)  In addition, they knew they could have saved four Americans - including a U.S. Ambassador - and they decided not to.  Isn't that reprehensible?  Criminal?  The "smoking gun" e-mails that have finally been brought to light (after the Obama Administration delayed the request for access to them (oops!  wasn't Obama's Administration supposed to be the most "transparent" one in history?)  are making big news on conservative websites and radio, however the mainstream media is really dragging their feet on this one.  A few stories have trickled out here or there, but the press is doing their best to protect The One yet again.  No surprise there.   In the end, though,  how WILL the media be able to ignore it?  I don't think they can much longer.  The anger and disgust over what this president, Secretary of State Hillary "what difference does it make"  Clinton, and the Obama Administration did in regards to Benghazi should make people aware of the kind of things this president and his adminstration were willing to do to protect themselves.  They could have cared less about the Americans out there working on behalf of the American people.  These scumbags lied simply to protect their own careers.  Their own political agenda was more important than the truth and the lives of four Americans. In a sane world, this president and most of his adminstration would be kicked out of office over this lying charade which resulted in the murders of four Americans.   Period. 

--- Is anyone surprised that the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, in all its biased glory, decided to highlight a ridiuculous proposal regarding a secession and nullification resolution presented by libertarian MIchael S. Murphy?  Murphy's goofy stunt received print above the fold on the front page of the paper from Friday, May 2nd. The Wisconsin GOP convention is taking place in Milwaukee May 2nd through the 4th.  Lots of topics are going to be covered, and most Republicans are calling Murphy the GOP's "Graeme Zielinski" (in other words, a total embarrassement to the party).  His proposal is a joke, and most realize it and dismiss it as such.   However, WHY did the Journal/Sentinel decide to highlight this particular topic?  Is it more important than Governor Scott Walker's speech?  or the fact that Republicans will help launch the election paths of several high-profile Republicans at this convention?  Sometimes the bias in news reporting is WHAT the mainstream media decides to report on and what the mainstream media chooses to NOT report on.  Sadly, Republicans and conservatives in our state and across the nation are always on the losing end when it comes to "fairness" in treatment from the media.     

--- Is anyone surprised that Russia continues to give the middle finger to the United States?  Vladmir Putin knows Obama doesn't have a clue about what to do.  (Anyone remember that "red line" regarding Syria?  Empty threats from an empty suit.)  Putin continues to flex his muscles.  Obama continues to do nothing except maybe take away key Russian officials "Netflix" accounts under the guise of "sanctions."

---Is anyone surprised that the smug and clueless Secretary of State John Kerry made a bizarre and offensive statement saying Israel may create an apartheid situation if Israel and the Palistinians fail to reach an agreement on a two-state solution for their long conflict.   And of course there is NO comment from his boss, President Barack Hussein Obama.  Remember, Israel is our friend.  At least most of us think so.  However,  I have a hard time believing Obama and his socialist minions want a positive relationship with Israel.  (I think, sadly,  they'd be more enthusiastic about working with terrorist organizations like Hamas).   Obama can comment on every fake and self-created social "issue" under the sun, but when it comes to the heavy lifting, Obama has nothing to say.

--- Is anyone surprised that Obama's approval ratings are in the tank?  What surprises me is that it took people this long to realize what an evil and despicable man Obama truly is.  What also surprises me is that 41% still somehow approve of Obama.  (Why?  Have they been living under rocks?  Maybe being force-fed a steady diet from the mainstream media with no other options?)  The sooner Obama is out of the White House, the better.  Obama has been just the opposite of what he promised.  He works to divide the nation.  He pits people against people.  He lies.  He is out for his own good, not the good of the Americans he was elected to represent.  He does not like this country.  He spits on the U.S. Constitution and tries to bypass it as often as possible.  He doesn't uphold many of the duties he is supposed to do  and does not work with the Congress, but works in spite of it.  He treats countries that are our friends with contempt, and countries that are our enemies with compassion.  He loves the partying and living the high life, but could care less about the realities of the job.    In his ignorance and disdain for the United States, Obama is systematically destroying the values and ideals upon which this nation was founded.   

--- Is anyone surprised that I believe America WILL survive 8 years of Obama?  It will be hard to undo a lot of the damage from this so-called "president", but America has faced challenges before. Like the late Dr. Martin Luther King said:  "We shall overcome."

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