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Please Mr. Postman!!!

On April 3, 2014 I received a letter in the mail.   The name and return address on the envelope were not from anyone I knew.  Intrigued, I opened the envelope and found the usual liberal nasty-gram.  (See below - refrain from sharing with young children!):



What really impressed me about this particular note was, that out of the numerous pieces of mail received over the years from liberals who do not apparently like me or my conservative values, a person actually had the guts to include their name and address! 

In all other instances, liberal comrades who found it necessary to pen other "charming" notes to me (one even had the cliche glued-on letters -  LOL) always remained nameless.  The notes themselves have NEVER been handwritten.  And they have usually been pretty filthy and disgusting - to the point of me feeling the need to wash my hands after opening.  Once done reading, I usually had a good laugh as I deposited the usual anonymous filthy garbage in the circular file. 

So suffice it to say,  I was impressed with this particular note.  Here was a person I could actually visit - to thank them for providing me with a new blog topic AND for writing.  So I set about to locate this person.  The name was local - in fact the address appeared to be very close to home - just a few blocks away.  So, enter MapQuest to zero in.  I typed in the address on the envelope. 

Guess what?  Nothing.  MapQuest came back with an address range, but nothing specific could be located.  Hmmm.  Just for grins, when I took our youngest to school, I drove down the street mentioned.  The address listed on the envelope I received was obviously made up.

Not quite willing to throw in the towel, I thought:  let's try the name anyhow!  I went to the White Pages on the 'net.  Typed in the last name.  Typed in variations of the last name spelling.  Typed in full name.  Typed in full name and location.   No individual with the first and last name popped up.  Hmmmm.   

A bit deflated, I still pressed on and checked the easy-to-use public source for personal information on individuals - yep, you guessed it!   The Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website (it is AMAZING what one can find here.  Anyone who has been charged with:  traffic violations, disorderly conduct, divorces,  assaults, foreclosures, drug busts, DUI's,  cashing bad checks,  etc. will be listed on this site.):    Plugged in the name.  Variations of the name.  Nada.  OK, so the person may never had any brushes with the law in Wisconsin. 

Next up, the Walker Recall Petition signatures website:   - another useful tool if one wants to check and see who signed the Walker Recall, and what their address/phone number may be.  Again, nada.  A big fat zero.


So the mail I received used a ficticious name and address.  I was really disappointed.  Here I thought  one of my liberal fans ACTUALLY used their own name when corresponding through the U.S. Postal Service.  Guess this wasn't the case.  (I should have had an inkling that something was amiss when the envelope I received was postmarked "Milwaukee" and the American flag stamp was upside down and the note itself was a Xerox copy.)    In a way, what this individual did was even worse than wimping out and sending something totally anonymously.  Imagine if the address was real.  Or the created name actually was someone.  That person could have been unknowingly used as a pawn to get a nasty-gram to me - almost like identity theft.  For shame on the low-life who did this.

In closing, though, I thought I'd address the subject matter of the "classy" note I received.   While Obamacare was a concern in the  2012 election, the election itself was NOT a referendum on Obamacare.   The 2012 election was all about turn-out.  Two million Republicans were not enthused enough about Mitt Romney to get off their lazy butts to go vote  Meanwhile, the Dems had close to 100% turnout in some regions (Ohio, anyone?)  AND everyone voted for Barry (isn't that really amazing?!?  EVERY SINGLE VOTE in some municipalities went for Barry Hussein Obama!  Wow.  What are the odds of that EVER happening?  But, nah, nothing to worry about, folks!  Voter fraud is simply a figment of your imagination!).  Of course King Barry was aided by the Barack Obama Fan Club (otherwise jokingly referred to as "journalists" (mainstream media),  the IRS, and the NSA in his second try at the presidency, and Romney did not have that luxury nor support. 

And "J.W." (wink wink) - how's that Obamacare workin' for ya?  In our own household, the premiums went way up on our original plan that we had for years, so we switched to a lesser plan in which the premium cost remained around what we had originally been paying monthy.  Still, in doing so, our costs have gone up - our deductible amounts have doubled - and our prescription costs have quadrupled.  At least we didn't get booted off of our health insurance like millions of Americans did.  But that will come soon enough - conveniently after the next election cycle.

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