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April Fools


7.04 million people have magically signed up for Obamacare RIGHT AT THE DEADLINE!!!  (Ok, "supposed" deadline.  The Obamacare deadline is similar to that "red line" regarding Syria.  It's meaningless.)

Here are two excellent reads on the "7 million sign-ups" announcement:

Now, if anyone out there REALLY believes that millions of Americans rushed to sign up for Obamacare right before the deadline, surpassing the 7 million goal originally set by Obama & Co, I'd have to ask:

1)  How many millions who signed up for Obamacare are simply the millions of Americans who LOST their health insurance BECAUSE of Obamacare?

2)  How many of the 7.04 million really had NO health insurance before they signed up for Obamacare?  (And remember, the supposed "intent" of Obamacare was to provide insurance to those who did not have insurance to begin with.  Another supposed "intent" was to make health insurance "affordable" for all - and we all know how well that's working out!  Skyrocketing premiums, larger out-of-pocket costs, high deductibles, more expensive co-pays, less doctor/hospital options. Why,  even the Obamacare health plans are much more costly than Americans ever expected.)

3)  No matter how one wants to address Obamacare, it has been a disaster and it continues to be a disaster.  What exactly IS the "good" in Obamacare?  (Alright, I know for the socialists out there it is a positive that this is a stepping stone towards the "single-payer" utopia that Obama and his minions so desire.  But many of us see no good in that).

4)  Didn't the Democrats keep insisting 47 million Americans had NO health insurance?  47 million.  Shouldn't all of these millions of people rushed to sign up for Obamacare when they had the chance?   Where are they?  Haven't they seen the commercials?  Haven't they seen Obama make an idiot of himself, pitching Obamacare on "Between Two Ferns?"  Do 47 million uninsured Americans even exist?  Was that number simply just another lie from Obama & Co.? 

5)  Along that same line, anyone think this magical 7.04 million number might be made up?  fudged?  After all, the Obama Administration is unwilling to provide numbers on those people who PAID anything for Obamacare when they "signed up."  The Obama Administration is unwilling to provide numbers on those people who have NOT PAID anything for Obamacare when they "signed up."   The Obama Administration is unwilling to provide numbers on those who lost their insurance and had to go to Obamacare.    The Administration is not willing to provide numbers on how many of the "uninsured" that Obamacare was going to help actually bothered to sign up for the program.  With all the personal information the Obamacare website asks for, sure seems like the Adminstration doesn't know a whole lot about its own program. Also, don't forget that the liar-in-chief, Obama, told some whoppers about "keeping your own health insurance" and "keeping your own doctor" simply in order to get this government power-grab passed.  Or how many ch-ch-ch-changes Obama has made to Obamacare from the start?  (See: )  Treating Obamacare as a "living document" similar to how the left wants to treat the U.S. Constitution - changing it as they see fit so it suits their own political purposes.

Anyone trust him or his Administration NOW?

Rest assured the mainstream media - happy in their role as the social propaganda spokespeople - will do all they can to whip up the frenzy on how great this inflated "milestone" is.  They will to pass this one off as legit.  A real triumph for Obama & Co.  If you believe that all I can say is:

April Fools!!!

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