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National Issues, Politics

I have not previously commented on the monumental train wreck commonly referred to as Obamacare because much has already been said ad infinitum and I have little to add. However, I am impelled to throw out a comment or two.

One: When dealing with politics, a truism is that nothing is as it seems. Everything has a hidden agenda. Two: Politicians know next to nothing about health care, an extremely complex system. Three: Politicians know even less about computer software systems. Notwithstanding all this, they--all Democrats--fashioned a ridiculously complex, 2000+ page law purporting to revamp and control the American health care system, ostensibly to provide health care to 46 million uninsured, currently reduced to 7 million, or is it five? This involved a computer software system consisting of millions of lines of code created by an inexperienced foreign vendor.

Are you getting a picture here? This contraption was never intended to work. The "hidden" purpose was to move eventually into a single-payer health care system, commonly known as Socialized Medicine. I am not going to go into the merits or demerits of socialized medicine. There are a number of these behemoths clanking along in other countries, evidencing various degrees of ineptitude and disfunction, all at costs far exceeding the wildest pre-predictions.

It is an apparently irrestible impulse of the left-wing to state goals far in advance of implementation. It has been clearly stated by several lefties, including our esteemed king--I mean president.  Single-payer was and is the clearly-stated goal. Obamacare is intended to be a disfunctional stepping stone to that end, riding in like the proverbial white knight to save us all from the current mega-cyborg clanking loudly towards functional oblivion.

How, you ask, will this work? Won't it be even more of a mess than the current one? Not really. It already is in place. It's called Medicare. All that is needed is to expand it to cover everyone instead of us lucky folks over 65. Gobs of money will be required, but then the Chinese seem to have an inexhaustable supply to lend us, or maybe the Federal Reserve can just create the money out of thin air like it already is doing to pump up the stock market. All it takes is a simple computer keystroke. "How may trillion did you say you wanted?"

So, be of good cheer, folks. The Cavalry is coming to save us all. Except folks like me who are already there. Lucky us.

Bet y'all can't wait. 

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