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Uniform Voting Hours - bringing fairness to Wisconsin voters!

***Updated 3/29/14

1)  Governor Scott Walker signed his name to Bill 324, adding that "early voting hours" be extended for 110 hours, not the 90 hours as originally outlined.  Just how the left can argue against 110 hours (ten days) to vote BEFORE an election, equally in all municipalities across Wisconsin, as "suppression" or "racism" is beyond me. There are no obstacles.  There are no barriers.  And absentee ballots are always there, as is election day itself.  No common sense argument against uniformed early voting hours exists - unless you live in that wacky alternative universe known as "liberalism."  

 Just how was it A-O-K for 2% of the state to allow its citizens to vote on weekends and other extended hours prior to an election, and all other municipalities could not?  One also has to wonder if the scenario were different  What if Waukesha and Washington County had been the municipalities extending hours and staying open on weekends, while other municipalities could not.  Think the lefties would be having a fit over that?  charging "voter suppression"  or "racism?"  Nah.  I don't think for one moment that liberals would have cared if it was Waukesha or Washington County that would have been affected by uniform voting hours if that indeed were the case.  The hypocrites of the left would have been applauding this bill providing "fairness" when it comes to early voting hours across the state.

2)  A liberal comment to this blog cited the following source as "proof" of voter suppression  and Republican intent to do so in the state of Florida by "limiting early voting times":

When one actually goes to the "source" and reads the entire article, one learns:

- the author, Aviva Shen, has worked for several leftie publications (Slate, for example and the "progressive" internet site this column appears on).  In addition, she was part of the "news media team for Obama's campaign" in Ohio in 2008.  Hmmmm.  Also, when one reads the article, who are all these "anonymous Republican sources" that say Republicans want to suppress Democratic/black votes?  Very strange.  An article, written by an obvious Obama supporter, saying that "anonymous Republicans" agree that limitied EARLY voting hours are racist and target Dems?!?  My goodness. Think in any way this is "unbiased" reporting? 

The article also includes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's name - but no direct quotes regarding supposed "voter suppression" and "racism" on behalf of Republicans.  (Chris Christie is a RINO anyhow.  Shove him off on the Democratic party and be done with the blowhard for once and for all.)   Bizarre.   I'd LOL if what was at stake wasn't so important. 

3)  And the comments on returning to "Jim Crow" laws and cries of "racism"  made me shake my head.    Here's a real doozy:

"Good old Jim Crow Republicans like Amy is happy. Good for her when history will judge these actions as racist and an out right assault on likely Democratic voters."

Good grief.  Goofy.  What total idiocy - but very representative of the liberal mindset.   Hey lefties!  WHO WROTE THE JIM CROW LAWS?  Democrats!!!!  Who didn't want to give blacks the right to vote??? Democrats!!!  Who WANTED to keeps black segregated?  Democrats!   Who voted against the civil rights act?  Democrats!!!!  (Need I even mention former Democrat Senator Robert Byrd - a member of the Ku Klux Klan who even was responsible for recruiting new members and served in a leadership position!).   So look in the mirror, liberals.  Every single thing you unjustly blame on Republicans comes right back at you ten times over.   Right now, who is doing their best to keep the black population among us dependent upon the government and treated like children?  Democrats!!!! Simply for votes.  Disgusting. 

 The PRIVILEGE of voting early is NOT A RIGHT.  LIberals need to say that over and over until they finally understand. Then they can actually admit that Governor Scott Walker did the right thing by (here goes - using all Obama "terms")  "leveling the playing field" and making it "fair" across the state for all to have the same time and  same access available to VOTE EARLY. 

As a side note, what is the "optimum" time frame for early voting?  Realistically?  Would every single day before an election be OK?  year round?  or 6 months?  or 4 weeks?  or as soon as any candidates are known?    Makes one wonder, huh?  If time limits on "early voting" are x number of  weeks - would lefties still cry "racism and suppression?"  What IS the magic number? 

What IS the purpose of "early voting? anyhow?    I'd have to venture that its intent was to make it easier for the individual to vote prior to an election.   Plain and simple.   I'd also have to venture that the intent was NOT to make it easier for Democratic operatives to have lots of time to round up low-information voters and drag them to polling places, offering "helpful" suggestions on how to vote once they get there.   

And the suggestion of voting "on-line" makes my skin crawl.  Imagine all the internet fraud now - compounded by hackers who will know how to get into the system and do whatever they want.  Although, in the world of Barry Obama & Co., that may be one really great way to control elections in the future... 


Original post from 3/26/14:

Governor Scott Walker recently signed into law a bill legislating "uniform early voting hours" (Senate Bill 324) throughout the state, thereby "leveling the playing field" (a favorite Obama-ism) for Wisconsin voters.  In an effort to be "fair" (another fav Obama-ism), the bill addressed the "inequality" (yep!  another fav Obama-ism) that only a few of the big cities in the state had the money to pay clerks to keep voting places open almost 24-7.  The majority of folks in the state weren't allowed to vote whenever the mood struck.  They didn't have the money (again, Obama's fav:  "income inequality")  to pay for the voting offices to stay open almost 'round the clock like Madison or Milwaukee.

For years, Wisconsinites were treated to the sites of busses rolling in at all hours from God-knows-where, emptying their human cargo and streaming into polling places in Madison, Milwaukee, and/or Kenosha or Racine - just a skip away from Illinios (how convenient!).  On the weekends, we witnessed out-of-town Democratic operatives handing out cigarettes to aid people in their voting decisions.  We also knew about the block parties - promises of "free eats" and rides to voting places, with helpful suggestions to the clueless on who to vote for.  Who can forget the kindness shown to those attending a Bruce Springsteen concert in Madison - why, the city clerks opened the voting places AFTER the concert for hours!- to allow all of the fans of "The Boss" to vote!!!  Cool!!!  And let's not forget the kind, compassionate Democrats visiting nursing homes, "helping" the infirm and elderly decide just who to vote for.  I'm not saying those days are gone entirely, but the opportunistic advantage that Democrats in Madison and Milwaukee enjoyed when it came to voting has been addressed - and rightly so.

It was pointed out in a comment that the City of Madison and City of Milwaukee only have the clerk's office open for early voting hours, while all the municipalities have a polling place on the actual election day.  While that may be the case, 110 hours to vote early is more than adequate for any individual wishing to vote PRIOR to an actual election.  And anyone can request an absentee ballot to vote, without even having to leave their home (via e-mail or mail).  The EASE of voting early is just that - EASE.  We make it very easy to vote (unfortunately, as we have witnessed, some people do take advantage and vote more than once, but that is another issue to be addressed soon).   To say that allowing 110 hours - 10 days - BEFORE AN ACTUAL ELECTION -  as open season to go vote early is somehow "suppression" or "racist" is absurd.

Of course sometimes there ARE long lines to vote (before work, after work, voting machines have glitches,  people registering/voting for the first time, etc.).  However, the ebb and flow is pretty much a constant.  Such is the case with most elections.  People expect long lines.  The lines move.  People do eventually get the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

Now, the definition of "suppression" is "forceful prevention" or a "state of constraint."  Can anyone REALLY -  with a straight face -  explain how having the "privilege" (voting early is NOT a "right") to vote two weeks early BEFORE an election, during a standard time frame,  is "voter suppression?" 

Can anyone REALLY -  with a straight face - explain  how having the "privilege" (again, voting early is NOT a "right") to vote two weeks early BEFORE an election, during a standard time frame,  is "racist?" 

The do-nothing Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, tweeted "Let's call this bill out for what it is.  The GOP is trying to suppress the vote in MKE and MSN  It's an outrage." 

No, Mayor Barrett, your tweet is an outrage.  And please explain how YOU, as well as other Democrats in Wisconsin government in 1985, voted FOR regulating early voting?  See:


The actual language in the bill the Democrats drafted and voted FOR - in 1985 - is as follows:

LEGISLATIVE POLICY. The legislature finds that voting is a constitutional right, the vigorous exercise of which should be strongly encouraged. In contrast, voting by absentee ballot is a privilege exercised wholly outside the traditional safeguards of the polling place. The legislature finds that the privilege of voting by absentee ballot must be carefully regulated to prevent the potential for fraud or abuse; to prevent overzealous solicitation of absent electors who may prefer not to participate in an election; to prevent undue influence on an absent elector to vote for or against a candidate or referendum; or other similar abuses.


As with most liberal stances, the hypocrisy and irony is simply laughable.

Oh, and lest we forget,  the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel chimed in with charges of "racism" in regards to this bill.  Why, we are headed back to the days of Jim Crow!!!!

Holy smokes.  Why is it so obvious that when the left cannot argue with facts or reason, they resort to playing the "race" card???  (And do the Democrats really think that blacks live only in Milwaukee or Madison in our state?  Isn't that kind of a "racist" assumption in itself?)

But I digress.  In closing, the obvious needs to be said.

There has been NO change to the protocol for voting on election day.

Also, one can always vote by absentee ballot if one wishes to.

Not a single person's constitutional right to vote has been removed by enacting uniform early voting hours throughout the state of Wisconsin. 


Now, on to Voter ID!!!! 

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