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Obama picks NCAA bracket; Putin redraws Russia's borders.

"Obama picks NCAA bracket;  Putin redraws Russia's borders."

 (Saw the headline above on the following website: . 

Written underneath the headline was:

"President's priorities in order?"

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is "NO." 

While the world looks to the United States for leadership, leadership is nowhere to be found.  Russian leader Vladimir Putin is working hard on making Russia a superpower once again - taking over countries in a manner akin to Adolf Hitler and Germany decades ago.  The world - and Russia - are laughing at the incompetence and apparent disinterest in the whole Russian situation by Obama and his comedic sidekick, John Kerry.  Putin continues to give the middle finger to Obama, but does Obama even care?  The "sanctions" that Obama and Kerry talked so tough on are akin to cancelling a few Russian leaders Netflix accounts (see The New Yorker's recent satirical article: ).

So WHAT does Obama do when Russia is flexing its muscles?  taking over countries in spite of empty threats from the United States?  This IS a real world danger in the making.  Too bad Putin has sized up Obama - as have other leaders (both friend and foe) - and come to the conclusion that Obama has no clout.  Obama has no backbone.  Obama doesn't really care.  Obama doesn't want to do any heavy lifting.  What really interests Obama is going after those people IN HIS OWN COUNTRY who oppose his socialist agenda.  And, of course, making his NCAA picks...    

March Madness indeed.

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