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Liberal Hypocrisy

Over the past few weeks,  classic examples of liberal hypocrisy just keep on comin'.  It was difficult to keep track of them, even more difficult to pick and choose which ones to write about.  I narrowed the "top hits" down to the three listed below:

1)  From our own state of Wisconsin, Republican Bill Kramer was recently ousted from his majority leadership role in the Assembly due to "allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment."  The Republicans - his very own party - voted quickly to force Kramer out after Kramer was accused of making inappropriate remarks to women and allegedly groping one.   (Even Governor Walker joined in to say Kramer should not hold office if guilty of the alleged incidents.)   Kramer has since checked himself into a rehab facility.  The lefties and media were all in full attack mode on Kramer since this story broke.  What a disgusting man!  He should NOT be in office!  He is representative of the entire Republican party...on and on - you know, the usual stuff that Republicans and conservatives have to deal with from the left and media.

Now, does anyone out there remember a State Representative named Jeff Woods?  A so-called "independent,"  Mr. Woods always voted with the Democrats (similar to the RINO Dale Schultz, but I digress).  Anyhow, the Democrats were in a tizzy prior to Scott Walker starting his term as governor.  Seems the Assembly was set to vote on getting union contracts in place as fast as possible before Walker could take office and nix the deal.  The Democrats needed one vote (or so they thought) to pass their legislation.  Unfortunately, Representative Woods was sitting in the slammer serving time for his fourth OWI (operating while intoxicated).   Yes, you read that correctly - his FOURTH OWI!!!   Well, the Dems "sprung" Woods out for the day, drove him to Madison, and allowed him to participate in the voting process.  Too bad for them, two of their own didn't vote as planned and the bill died. 

Look at the contrast in behaviors, character, and ethics.  A Republican (who has not had his day in court yet and hasn't even been formally charged at the time of this post) is accussed of sexual harassment and misconduct and Republicans vote him out from his leadership position as soon as possible.  Kramer was giving no support from his fellow Repubicans, as should be the case when reprehensible and/or criminal behaviors occur.  As expected and mentioned, the media and Democrats were also major forces in the anti- Bill Kramer feeding-frenzy.  (I cannot count how many stories the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel ran on this topic).   Now, the flip side.  A four-time drunk driver - elected representative Jeff Woods - who could have KILLED someone while driving intoxicated at any time - is sought out BY the Democrats, released from the pokey for a day -  simply in order to vote with them!!!  (Any massive coverage on the Dems and Woods episode from the media?  Nah.  No story there, nothing to see, move along.)    Sure says a lot about the Democratic Party, doesn't it?  As we have witnessed all along from Obama and other Dems, the end always justifies the means - no matter how criminal, unethical, slimey, and dirty those "means" may be.

2)  President Obama, while "entertaining" at the White House during the "Performance At The White House:  Women of Soul" misspelled the word "respect" when speaking about singer Aretha Franklin.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T is one of Franklin's greatest hits.  Obama read the spelling off his teleprompter.  The word was typed on the prompter incorrectly as "R-S-P-E-C-T,"  but Obama - yes, brilliant, super-intelligent, brainiac Barry - couldn't deviate from his beloved prompter and offer the correct spelling.   Now, we all know people are prone to mistakes and we are always told just how brilliant Mr. Obama is, so this little fluke was easily explained away by other lefties: 

CNN was quick to cover for Obama’s misspelling. Ashley Banfield said Obama just “wanted to throw us all, see if we were actually all paying attention.”

From Aretha Franklin herself comes:  "I'm sure the President had much on his agenda and was just a little tired."

Oprah Winfrey's gal pal Gail King commented on her television show that Obama experienced a "brain fart" and that such things happen to everyone.

OK.  All well and good.  No big deal in the big scheme of things.  However, does anyone remember a Vice-President named Dan Quayle?  Quayle was persecuted by the media and lefties for days, weeks,  months and years on end when he misspelled the word "potato" in a school.  (Seems the word was written on a card for him by a teacher, and Quayle referred to the card when correcting a student who wrote the word on a blackboard).  Quayle could not live this one down,  Quayle's little fluke was easily explained by lefties as "dumb,"  "moronic,"  "stupid," and Quayle was deemed an "idiot."  To this day, jokes are still being made about just how "stupid" Dan Quayle is.  Quayle himself referred to this flub in his 1994 autobiography as “a defining moment of the worst kind imaginable.  Politicians live and die by the symbolic sound bite.”  So understand, Republican Vice-President Dan Quayle misspells "potato" and is an idiot and the butt of jokes for years.  Contrast that with Democrat President Barack Obama who misspells "respect" and the media and fellow lefties bend over backwards to make excuses on his behalf.

3)  And last, but not least, remember in September of 2013, when Barack Hussein Obama told Americans that You’re going to be able to purchase high-quality health insurance for less than the cost of your cell phone bill.”  

Now comes the flip-flop. 

From  Barack Obama appeared in a town hall for Spanish-language media on March 6th to discuss ObamaCare and promote enrollments, and got challenged by a viewer on the economics of it for low-income Americans who are now forced to buy comprehensive health insurance. On a $36,000 annual income, the requirement to buy the broad policy rather than something a little more economical — say, hospitalization coverage combined with an HSA, a strategy which is now all but illegal — makes it impossible to comply. Pshaw, Obama replied. Why, all those low-income folks need to do is stop spending money on luxuries like cable television and cell phones!

No, really:

Now, you may be saying:   where oh where is the "hypocrisy" in this?  Well,  King Barry - who spends millions on frequent family vacations (anyone even know that during this current, dangerous Russian situation shaping up in the Ukraine  -Obama and the family went on a vacation to Key West?) and who loves livin' the high life on the taxpayer dime, is telling the little people that - heck - YOU need to prioritize!!!  YOU need to give up YOUR cell phones and/or YOUR cable television simply to buy in to Obamacare!!!  C'mon, people!  YOU must support Obama's  major "accomplishment" - a health care program that leaves millions WITHOUT insurance and costs much more than anyone ever expected and forces people to seek out new doctors!  Egads.  The masses need to PRIORITIZE their budgets to help pay for Obamacare. Remember, this is coming from a man whose wife posts a picture of the family dogs decked out in diamond necklaces sitting on velvet chairs in the White House dining room with fine china in front of them.   This is coming from a man who never met a golf course he didn't like. This is coming from a man who loves being idolized by the Hollywood lefties, rubbing elbows at extravagant shindings where the Cristal champagne is flowing.  This from a man who is spending the United States into oblivion like never before.  This from a man whose own party cannot even produce a budget - violating the Constitution (you know, the document that Obama and his followers would love to use as toilet paper).   This from a man who has more than doubled the marketable debt of the United States more than all other presidents combined!!!  From CNS News

"However, despite the massive increase in the government's marketable debt during Bush's eight years, Obama managed to accumulate more additional marketable debt in his first five years in office than all the presidents who preceded combined.

The marketable debt of the U.S. government includes all debt securities sold by the U.S. Treasury that can be held by individuals, corporations or other entities outside the U.S. government and that can be sold in the secondary market."

The Democratic Party - led by President Barack Hussein Obama - is nothing more than a lying group of hypocrites, turning the American Dream into the American Nightmare.

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