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All KINDS of stuff. Mostly ideas... politics, science, religion, fishing, food ....stuff that your mom told you wasnt polite to discuss.

26th Topic – The Freeze and the Noise

 After an extended absence, I wish I had something more substantial for you, but I don’t.


Speaking of extended absence, its good to see Al back, but I wish he would lighten up a bit.


Speaking of lightening up, I’m thrilled, THRILLED I tell ya, that it was just below 0 degrees (F) this morning. Why??   Because deep in my soul, I believe this is the Last Dance With Winter, and spring is truly right around the corner.   Of course, the Spring Peepers ( won’t be singing till about July because I don’t think the lake/pond ice will be gone by then.

But still….


The other tidbit I’d like to share is that Sarah Palin is now officially persona non grata  in the eyes of  any ANY concept of reality when she said “If he <referring to Greg Abbott> is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me.”     I  learned of this from the rather good essay by a one of the last good (aka: Old School) conservatives:

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