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Oooooh! That EVIL Governor Walker!!!

Alright!  Lefties really got him now! 

I'm talking big doings. 

The bane of any liberal's very existence - Governor Scott Walker - is on the hot seat!   I'm talking impeachment!  Jail time!  Fifty lashes with a wet noodle!

With the recent release of thousands of private e-mails - relating to an old John Doe investigation -  being made public,  it has been discovered that Governor Scott Walker used his campaign e-mail account for campaign business. 

Yes, you read that right folks.  

It was discovered that our own Governor Walker was actually contacting his "inner circle" (say that with a sneer, it sounds so much better) and suggesting that they promote and support his ideas!  The very thought!  Oh my goodness - the horrors!  Take a few deep breaths before you explode in outrage.

I bet every leftie out there cannot wait for yet another Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel article on how Walker has wronged the people of Wisconsin by using his campaign e-mail account.  Why, after years of a John Doe investigation (initiated by....hold your breath...Scott Walker! what a trickster!), which found the Governor guilty of.....?????? comes the release of thousands of e-mails...finding the governor guilty of....???????  nothing. 

Never mind, though!  Throw the bum out!  Forget that Governor Walker is bringing jobs back to our state.  Forget that Governor Walker has proven to be fiscally responsible.  Forget that Governor Walker has created a business-friendly environment in our state for the first time in a long time.  Forget that Governor Walker enabled Wisconsin to have a budget surplus and has decided to return some taxpayer dollars to the taxpayers.  Forget that Governor Walker has saved the state from the bleak and dismal days established under the "leadership" of Diamond Jim Doyle. 

Nah.  None of that means anything.  What is really, truly important is that Governor Walker be brought down for using his campaign e-mail account to do campaign work with his administration and supporters.  Egads!

(Wouldn't want to rain on the lefties parade here, but most elected officials can and do use their campaign e-mail accounts for campaign business...)

Of course, those on the left choose to look the other way when the President of the United States targets his opponents using government agencies like the IRS and NSA.  The same liberals could care less that four Americans (including a U.S. Ambassador)  were murdered in Benghazi simply because the president was far too concerned about saving his own political campaign than saving them.  Or that the same president and administration is now in the process of sending operatives into news rooms across the country to question them on their news, editorials, and general content - in order to "suggest" what is news and what is not.  

All of that is nothing to Democrats, liberals, and socialists.  What really, really matters right now is that Governor Scott Walker used his campaign e-mail account to do campaign business.

(By the way, is anyone even aware that a school board president in Middleton, Wisconsin used her taxpayer-provided e-mail account to promote Walkers liberal opponent for Governor, Mary Burke?  See:  That, folks, is a real no-no.  That, folks, is what passes as "really breaking the law."

(OK, we all know that doesn't matter because it was a leftie helping another leftie.  Let's just ignore that one, as most of the press has already done.))

So, let the witch hunt continue.  At least the lefties have something to occupy their time for a few days or weeks or months, as they comb through all these nefarious e-mails -   looking and hoping for that "gotcha" moment.  Me thinks the e-mail witch hunt is going to end up a lot like the recall and the never-ending John "let's get Walker no matter what"  Doe investigation, as it should: 

Another  big,  fat ZERO in the leftie "win" column.

As for Walker supporters like myself, it's kind of fun watching "Walker Derangement Syndrome" spin out of control yet again.  Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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