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Income inequality?

President Obama is so fond of pitting black against white,  men against women, Republicans against Democrats, the successful against the unsuccessful,  and of course, the poor against the rich.

Obama continually talks about the horrors of the latest crisis-of-the-month:  income inequality.  You know, in the minds of Obama and other socialists, all people were born rich.  But then other mean-spirited, nasty individuals took their wealth away...laughing all the way to the bank, leaving them poor.    Now comes payback time.  Punishment time.  First comes boosting the "minimum wage" up to unsustainable requirements that will force businesses to let even more workers go. In addition, Obama finds it necessary to keep bashing those who are successful.   Obama continues to target those making a comfortable living as though they are despicable individuals and DESERVE to have their money taken away by the government - so the government can redistribute it out as they see fit.  The wealthy and successful in our nation must serve their penance! 

What is NEVER mentioned is that perhaps, just perhaps that ole' economic pie is NOT stagnant.  Liberals, Dems,  socialists, and communists seem unable to comprehend the fact (yes, fact) that economic wealth and opportunities are not limited, nor are they stagnant.   Opportunities and economic prosperity DO exist in the United States.  The poor CAN move up.  The middle class CAN move up.  The rich CAN get richer.  On the flip side, the rich CAN lose everything and end up poor or middle class.  The middle class CAN become poor.  The poor CAN remain poor or grow poorer. 

What is NEVER mentioned is (drum roll, please) two dreaded words the left hates to hear:  personal responsibility.  Just as it is ridiculous to assume that someone is poor because a rich person TOOK from them, it is ridiculous to forget that personal responsibility DOES play a major role in determining a person's lot in life.

Do drugs?  drink?  have a child (or children) out of wedlock?  drop out of high school?  gamble?  lazy?  disobey the law? lack ambition?  feel the world owes you a living?  Such CHOICES could set one up for a challenging and grim financial future. 

Study hard?  Go to college?  get married?  save money?  nurture a strong work ethic?  have ambition?  obey the laws?  Such CHOICES could set one up for a secure and solid financial future.

In spite of Obama, America is still the land of opportunity.  The jealousy and envy this president loves to stir up are based on a falsehood (much like Obamacare is based upon lie after lie).  Rich people are NOT rich because they took from poor people.  Poor people are NOT poor because the rich stole from them.  Personal responsibility is key - and it would be wise for Americans to remember that and not fall for this phony, ginned-up crisis Obama is trying to use to once again justify socialism. 

So when Barack Hussein Obama spouts off his mouth about "income inequality,"  and how the rich are so evil, just keep in mind this picture that his lovely wife, Moochelle "let them eat cake" Obama recently tweeted:

The caption for this darling pic (from 2/11/14), from FLOTUS reads:

"Bone Appetit!!!!"

Yep, that's the Obama dogs dressed in diamond necklaces, seated at the dining room table with the fine china.   Cool, huh?  And Obama has the nerve to make the rich a punching bag for his latest pet project:  income inequality.  

The hypocrisy of the left NEVER ceases to amaze. 

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