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Walker vs. Obama

Governor Scott Walker's recent "State of the State" speech nicely summed up many of his accomplishments and all the good things that he has done for the state of Wisconsin.  Thanks to Walker, we are on the road to economic prosperity, rather than the economic disaster of the Doyle years.  Thanks to Walker, hardworking taxpayers will be getting some of their own money back - as the state has over a BILLION dollar surplus for the first time in a long time.  Thanks to Walker, jobs are coming back and the overall business climate has vastly improved.  Thanks to Walker, the state of Wisconsin is fiscally sound, the people are reaping the benefits, and our state is poised to continue on an upward trajectory towards making life better for all Wisconsinites.  All of this - in spite of President Obama and the lefties who made our Governor a target (and continue to do so) for the few years of his governship.

For fun, let's compare the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama, to our very own governor, Scott Walker:

1)  Walker promised to create 250,000 during his first term.  He is well on the way to that accomplishment.  If he falls short, heck, it still is an inspirational promise with a positive goal that all of us hope is eventually reached. (well, maybe some liberals/Dems are hoping he won't succeed).  Walker did this IN SPITE of the roadblocks put up by the anti-job creator and private business hater Obama, who sits in the White House.  Remember Obama?  He of the "if you like your health insurance you can keep it?"  lie?  Or the "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" lie when it came to Obamacare?  Obama LIED to get Obamacare passed.  It is only now that reality is setting in and people are realizing the President of the United States is a liar.  Walker didn't LIE.  His intention was to really help the business climate in our state create 250,000 jobs.  Wisconsin has seen over 100,000 jobs created in our state, due to the favorable business climate Walker has helped start.  More people are employed in our state and the numbers continue to grow.  Even though the federal government - with Obama leading the way - is doing their very best to keep people unemployed and on unemployment and other government programs.  Thank you Governor Walker!

2)   Walker knows how the economy works and does what it takes to improve it.  Obama doesn't have a clue.  Obama and his co-horts like Nancy Pelosi think unemployment checks - sent to more and more Americans who are sitting at home - somehow are a way to stimulate the economy.  In what universe does that make ANY sense???  Walker = pay people to work, Obama = pay people to stay home and get a government check.  Walker's position wins hands down.

3)  Walker is not afraid to stand up to the unions and other special interests to do the right thing.  Obama lives and dies by special interest, the unions, and whatever flavor-of-the-day social issue is in the forefront.  Gay rights?  Anti-gun laws? Income inequality?  global warming?  George Zimmerman?  pot vs. alcohol?  We've got a president more concerned about the gobble-dee-gook promoted by lefties and socialists than the real issues - is the United States safe?  are illegals flooding over our borders?  are our enemies growing stronger - emboldened by the weakness of the U.S. of A put forth by Obama?  and where is that oh-so-elusive economic recovery?  what about all the millions of Americans without jobs?  all the millions of Americans who have LOST their health care coverage due to the oxymoron known as the "Affordable Care Act?"  Walker knew ACT10 was the right thing to do - free Wisconsin taxpayers from stronghold of unions.  No matter how difficult it got or how Walker was verbally attacked on a daily basis with protests at the Capitol, he didn't back down.  He stood his ground.  He never became a RINO - willing to let the Dems have their way in order to "feel good" and getting people to like him. 

4)  Walker has never put politics above doing what is right.  Obama ALWAYS puts politics above doing what is right.  Benghazi?  Hide the fact that this terrorist attack was NOT about a video simply to save the presidential election.  Never mind that four Americans died - including a U.S. Ambassador.  And are we STILL looking for justice as to who committed these murders?  Or how about the IRS being used as an agency to target those opposed to Obama?  Yet another scandal that The One "knew nothing about."  (Yeah, right.  If you believe that, I have some health care exchanges you can buy really cheap on a really bad website...)   Or Obama talking about the virtues of pot and how it isn't as bad as alcohol.  What a thing for a president to say in the first place, but with this clown nothing is surprising.  Think Obama isn't playing to the stoners of the leftie crowd?  Helping set the table to help other Dems in 2014 and 2106?  Or what about the NSA spying on people for the Administration?  gathering dirt on those opposed to Barry & Co.  Scary stuff.   This guy is a disgrace who should never have been elected President.  He is a disgrace to the office and a disgrace to the United States.  In a perfect world, he would be impeached and booted out of office.

5)  Walker doesn't run around apologizing for all the "ills" of Wisconsin.  Walker promotes his state.  Walker loves Wisconsin.  Contrast that with a president who is always in apologize mode, who seems to disdain the very country he was elected to represent.  Does Obama EVER promote America?  Talk up what the Constitution means?  That we are a free country - a capitalist country - a country founded upon personal responsibility, freedom, and religion?  A country that for 200 plus years was proud of its heritage UNTIL Obama took office and sneered at it - and the Constitution that is the backbone of our nation?

6) And finally, Walker doesn't point the finger at his predecessor for every challenging problem he has faced as governor.  Sure, he talks about how Doyle wasn't fiscally responsible.  But Walker does not blame Doyle for any perceived wrongs.  Walker works to fix them, period.  And he has done a great job.  Now, look at Obama.  Obama of the "buck stops anywhere but with me" fame.  Obama has blamed Bush for everything since day one.  When that doesn't work, he pulls out the race card and says people don't like him because he is black (what about that half-white part?).  Obama NEVER takes the blame for any of his misdeeds, lies, or screw ups.  It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.  And whomever is to blame is NEVER held accountable.  That's the Obama Adminstration M.O.   Blame someone else, distract with another crisis, move on, and hope the low information voters forget about it...

Thank you Governor Walker for all you have done for our state. 

If Walker does decide to run for President (which I hope he does not, because our state still needs him), he would be a true leader.  Walker would be an inspiration - one who truly loves our country and would do whatever it takes to uphold the Constitution and improve the lives of every American.  After Obama, a lot of work will be needed to undo the damage.  Judging from what Governor Walker has accomplished for our state, he is more than ready for the job.

Walker vs. Obama.  Walker wins, no contest.

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