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All KINDS of stuff. Mostly ideas... politics, science, religion, fishing, food ....stuff that your mom told you wasnt polite to discuss.

16th topic - Tell Me a Story

 So my wife volunteers, doing reading tutoring to 2nd graders and her generosity of time and effort has brought home some kind of virus that has us both congested coughing and achy. Second graders are apparently some sort of Woodstock for viruses this time of year. Its been awhile since our own were that age,and I guess I forgot. I'll not forget again.

Daytime TV is beyond bleak. Unspeakably mundane. We shall not speak of it anymore.

There is sort of a resurgence of story telling in this country that is kind of refreshing. Radio is and always will be a excellent medium for the art, and shows like This American Life ( ) have been around quit awhile (since 1995) and masterfully craft supposedly true stories into audio jewels.

The Moth ( )(since 1997) takes a slightly different approach in that anybody can walk up to an open mic, with no notes, and tell a (supposedly) true story. There’s a local chapter that holds forth at the Miramar Theater on Oakland Ave everyonce inawhile, or at least they used to. Its remarkable (or maybe not) that seemingly ordinary people can relate often relatively ordinary happenings in a way that you can directly connect to in an extraordinary way.  Its a testiment to a well told story, our imagination, and common things that we share as humans.

When my kids were small, I'd read to them or make up stuff, constantly. They loved it. We all love it. We have for 5000 years. Some are real and some are made up, but we are all entranced of tales about lives of friends and strangers interleaving, and the 100 emotions and attributes that eash of us have, all doing their dance of waxing and waning, until some sort of conclusion is reached. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Some stories sort of stop without any real ending at all, and for those we feel somehow cheated, and as consumers of these tales we have that right, but as the school yard bully once told me "watcha gonna do about it, huh?". is some sort of of outlet for the NBC network it seems, but they have also done some original programming. I came across "The Booth at The End" ( ) while browsing the Interweb looking for something to entertain my wife & myself in our mucus entrenched misery, and we sat there completely mesmerised  (maybe it was the virus) and watched all 2 seasons and when it was done, we were furious that Hulu decided not to do a 3rd season (some stories just sort of stop, remember?). It is remarkable. The concept. The stories (as it is actually a sort of anthology – a collection of stories). The acting. I wont tell you any more.  Its the free Hulu, btw, so if you are reading this, you are all set up to watch it.

A good story connects the teller to the listener to the subjects of the stories and leaves the listener with the impression that he just met someone completely new and different, or met someone that he's known all his life. A good story also leaves us a little more human than we were otherwise.

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