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Face of Evil-Boston

Society and Morals, Perceptions

There have been much blogging and news commenting concerning the Boston Marathon bombing, much of it inaccurate and some of it flat off the wall. Early and even recent news reports have contained much inaccuracy. Even a skeptic like me jumped the gun a bit, as my previous post on the subject indicates. I apologize for that, although I wasn't far off.

However, there is one element of this outrage that is incontrovertible. This was an act of pure evil. There is no possible rational or even irrational justification for blowing up innocent civilians at a celebratory event like the Boston Marathon. No political statement or religious belief can justify this event.

I have in past blog posts referred to the existence of a palpable evil in the land. Lest you misunderstand, I am not talking about a psychiatric aberration or some abstract concept. This is not something amenable to therapy. This is a case of an evil entity utilizing susceptible individuals to commit heinous acts. I believe that people that commit mass killings of innocent strangers are the implementation of a malevolent entity whose purpose is to sow doubt and discord to the purpose of unmoralizing us.. I can think of no other reasonable explanation.

History is replete with atrocity. The Holocaust, mass murder of thousands and even millions for political purposes, mothers killing their children, and the plethora of serial killers that have plagued society through them ages to the present day. Society has struggled to understand and eliminate these myriad unexplainable heinous acts without success. We've tried, and continue to try, to identify a solution to the problem through the methodology of mental health treatment, also witout success.

Evil fears the light of day. Acknowledging its existence and dealing with it openly is the only viable reaponse: the proverbial cross thrust in the face of the vampire. There is an omnipresent force for good in the world. We used to acknowledge it openly in schools and the workplace. Today, religious activity is discouraged and even banned in public in the misguided cause of separation of church and state. Even at this moment, some of you are uncomfortable with me, a person of scientific background, openly talking about supernatural religious concepts. I should keep it to myself except on Sunday morning for about one hour.

God exists and so does the Devil. Despite past man-made distortions and abuses in the name of religion, Christianity and Judaism consistently espouse good and oppose evil. Will religious practice and faith solve the problem of mass atrocity? I don't know, but anything that diminishes evil influence I believe is the only effective antidote to evil. If indeed those who perpetrate these acts are not in control of their impulses, then maybe, just maybe, a more open relationship of people with the only real force of good in the world will help. The desired end would be reduction in the susceptibility of individuals to succumb to evil.

Before you dismiss me as a religious fanatic, which I am not, think about the force behind the epidemic of horror afflicting society in recent and past years. To my extensive recollection, it clearly has gotten worse as we have progressively de-emphasized religious belief in society and relegated it impotent to influence our actions. Maybe it's time for a turn-around. We keep trying the same "fixes", with the same disppointing results. Repetition will not work in this instance. Onloy a greater force for good will result in effective change.

Scripture states that Satan has dominion over the earth until the last days. Looks to me like he's doing a bang-up job.

Note: I have extensively edited this piece.

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