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And the Oscar goes to...

Funny... my husband and I were discussing the Academy Awards a few days before the event ever took place.  Of course we were not going  to watch an awards ceremony made up of Hollywood lefties patting themselves on the backs and awarding awards to themselves - content to bask in the adoration of the "little people" who made them stars in the first place.    We actually joked  about how the Obama's - who love to insert themselves into every media or sporting event - wouldn't be making an appearance - that even they wouldn't be able to pull off an Oscar visit...

Guess we were wrong.

Never before has a First Lady or president - been involved with the Oscars - especially to present an award. Yet, here we had Michelle Obama - surrounded by props of military personnel - presenting The Best Picture award.    Being "streamlined" from the White House.  Did anyone "feel proud for their country" at this moment?  No, I would venture to say.   Many felt shame and disgust.   

Rush Limbaugh pegged this one for what it was worth.  The wife of President Barack Hussein Obama - the very same same Obama - who allowed  four Americans (including a U.S. Ambassador)  to die at an Embassy during his watch,  and then proceeded to cover up any investigation into the debacle  - ends up presenting the best picture award to "Argo" - a movie about saving Americans stuck at an Embassy!  The irony is priceless. 

And Michelle Obama - during her bloviating speech - did not even bother to pay tribute to the military or the military personnel being used as props behind her.   Instead, she talked about "gay marriage" and being all the best we can be no matter who we are -  yet neglected to mention anything about the United States military.

New outlets even have asked the question:  "why WAS Michelle Obama at the Oscars?"


The Obama's have no shame.  They love the limelight.  They are no better - or any smarter -  than the Kardashians...or Honey Boo Boo...or American Idol.  No wonder Obama is often called "President Kardashian."  (At least the stories of the little man-child golfing with Tiger Woods are finally tapering off....)

Sadly, many of the low-information voters eat this stuff up.

We deserve the people we elect.  Guess we as a country really did something wrong - and are being punished with the Obamas for another four years.  Cool, hip, trendy.  Yet - totally unpresidential.  Dittos for his little missus.

Three good comments from viewers on Michelle's Oscar gig:

"They should make a movie on Benghazi and then let her announce it."


"We are now in the age were government and hollywood are now one in the same. Smoke and mirrors on the state run media, and propaganda shows and movies on the TV. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your country is now dead. Please plan your lives accordingly and resist at all cost. The next generation depends on your resistance and your sacrifice. You are the generation that will decide the fate of the world."


"just solidifies hollywood as a political propaganda machine to perpetuate social decay."

Sad but true.  Can First Ladies stoop any lower?  Can a president continue to portray "cool" at the expense of the country? 

You betcha. 

Just wait for the next four dismal, destructive, dangerous years. 

 But wait!  The March Madness picks are coming up!  Americans everywhere will wait with anticipation over who The One - Barry Obama - will pick for the NCAA college basketball tourney!!!  Quick - get a camera crew to the White House!!!  Heck, get several!!!  This kind of stuff IS really newsworthy!!!

,,,while the country goes to hell.


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