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Listen and learn - this one is especially for the low-information voters among us...

Dr. Benjamin Carson's speech at the recent National Prayer Breakfast runs almost half an hour, but it is well worth the effort to watch:

Dr. Benjamin Carson lives and breaths conservative values.   With this prayer breakfast speech, Dr. Carson has succeeded in stirring up the wrath of liberals/socialists everywhere.   Just watch Obama -  with his arrogant smirk gone, looking down -  appearing uncomfortable because Dr. Carson is clearly speaking out against the destructive intentions that Obama has for the country..  

Using facts, examples, observations, personal insight, and his own history of growing up in poverty and achieving success, Dr. Carson manages to convey common sense solutions to many of the problems America faces.   And he does so in an eloquent and straightforward manner - speaking about the importance of a good education (learning enables one to truly be free), personal responsibility (those two words the lefties hate), love of country (many on the left cannot relate, and we currently have a president who doesn't like the very country he was elected to represent), and a real solution to health care issues (a direct slap at Obamacare). 

The conservative movement needs people like Dr. Carson.  Just as we need more Paul Ryans and Marco Rubios.  With the words and inspiration of such individuals, we will wake up many in the United States who have been lulled into a stupor -  a stupor which has allowed a  socialist like Barack Hussein Obama to continue in his quest to destroy the very foundation of our great nation.

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