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Isn't it ironic...

Isn't it ironic that:

1)  Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis - suspect in a murder trial in 2000 - and father of six children with four different women - declares himself to be a "Christian? thanks the Lord for the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl victory.? Yet, was Lewis ever put under the scrutiny that Tim Tebow - also a Christian, (lacking the notorious background of Lewis) suffered at the hands of the media and the usual anti-religious crowd?  Was Lewis made fun of the way Tebow was?  No.  Why not?  Could there be a racist element at play here? 

2)  Obama and his Administration, famous for going after "waterboarding" as some sort of horrific torture device which needed to be done away with to protect the "rights" of terrorists, now want to institute a plan in which Americans who may or may not be terrorists can be killed by drones.  OK.  I get it.  It's NOT OK to use "enhanced interrogation techniques" against known terrorists, but it IS OK just to kill people - including Americans - who may or may not be terrorists?

3) No one can criticize  First Queen Michelle Obama's large derrière, but it is OK for Ms. Obama to dictate to school cafeterias across the country what they can and cannot serve to students in order for the students to "be healthy."

4)  So Beyonce (BFF of Obama) has to lip-synch the national anthem at her buddies recent coronation, yet she can belt out her own tunes at the Super Bowl halftime show???  What's up with that?  Oh, I do suppose that like Obama, she probably could have cared less about The Star-Spangled Banner and what it means, when her own hits are much more important to the uninformed masses...

5)  The Obama administration that is so busy right now clamping down on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens had no problem giving guns to members of Mexican drug cartels with reckless abandon.  The guns passed along to criminals during Obama's "Fast and Furious" operation have been used to kill innocent people who got in the way of the Mexican drug wars AND an American ATF agent.  Strange how little is reported anymore about the "Fast and Furious" operation, yet we heard on a daily basis how the rights of the law-abiding American citizens must be curtailed when it comes to guns...

6)  The Democrats are famous for trying to legislate and create laws pertaining to every little aspect of people's daily lives, yet when it comes to enforcing such laws and punishing criminals in the process, what happens?  Well, Dems are pretty soft on crime to begin with, and do tend to side with the criminals in many cases rather than the victims.  So what good are all the laws on this and that anyhow if they are not enforced?

And last but not least - isn't it ironic:

How "affordable"  health care for all (aka:  Obamacare) is going to be so darn unaffordable?!?!?!

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