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What a difference four years can make...

Just a few quick facts as we embark on another four years of President Obama (and if you think things will be getting better any time soon, you probably think the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi was about a YouTube video...ah, but what difference at this point does it make???). 

                                             1st Inauguration (1/20/09)         2nd Inauguration (1/20/13)

Long-term unemployed:          2.7 million                                   4.8 million                 +78%
Workforce Dropouts:             50.1 million                                  54.6 million                +10%
 (those no longer looking)
Food Stamp Recipients:          22.8 million                                 46.6 million                +104%
Price of Gas:                           $1.85/gal                                    $3.30/gal                    +78%

National Debt:                    $10.6 TRILLION                     $16.4 TRILLION           +55%
Hmmm.... let me predict the usual liberal response  - It's Bush's fault!!!!
(Thanks to my conservative sister, Paula, for providing the facts listed above.)

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