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"What difference at this point does it make?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after laying low for months supposedly suffering from a wide range of various illnesses, finally had to sit down in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and answer questions about the terrorist attack on 9/11/12 in Benghazi.

The attack killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.  (As most of us know, the Obama Administration did its best to hide the fact that this event WAS a terrorist attack.  At stake was the presidential election, so Obama & Co. went in to spin mode - blaming the attack on a YouTube video.  For weeks.  After all, with Obama "taking out Bin Laden" and spiking the football constantly gloating about it, saying terrorists were on the run and in retreat mode, we couldn't let the word get out that this was not true.  Terrorists attacked the embassy.  Terrorists killed four Americans in the process.  Terrorists are back with a vengeance.  In fact, Obama's weak policies on fighting the "war on terror" (oops!  I mean "Overseas Contingency Operation") seem to have allowed terrorism to go unchecked.)

Anyhow, during the course of questioning, it was clear that the Democrats on the panel had been given their marching orders on what to say and ask.  For all intensive purposes, the Democrats could have been at a dinner honoring Hillary and the job she has been doing as Secretary of State (will someone please inform us exactly WHAT Clinton has done while Secretary of State that is so wonderful?).   Listen to the Dems fawn all over Hillary ad nauseum:

Of course, once they got done heaping praises on Clinton, the Dems proceeded to lob softball questions her way that did little to address the seriousness of the debacle that occurred in Benghazi.  At least a few Republicans didn't allow her to skate away and avoid answering the many questions still out there regarding Benghazi.  Senator Ron Johnson - who did Wisconsin proud - actually had the nerve to ask Clinton WHY did the administration lie to the American people for weeks, blaming the attack on a YouTube video when they knew all along it was a terrorist attack.  

Clinton's response:  "What difference at this point does it make?"  Incredible. 

I wish Senator Johnson would have shot back, saying that it does make a difference whether or not the American people are told the truth or told lies.  Obviously, the Obama Administration doesn't care about the truth.  They just want this whole issue to go away.  To this end, the media has been complicit  - refusing to delve deep into Benghazi:  the lies, the deaths, and the cover-up - especially before a presidential election.  WHY?  Because if the truth HAD been allowed to come out - the truth that terrorists attacked Benghazi AND the attack was planned AND Americans in the embassy had been asking for more security months before the attack - Obama may not have won re-election. 

Clinton's public responses to the Senate panel were too little too late.  All this hearing did was enable Hillary Clinton to wiggle out of a bad situation, setting herself up for a presidential run in 2016.  The Democrats on the panel were there to help her, not get to the bottom of what happened.  They could care less about allowing the truth to be told.  Clinton and the Dems realize that  Hillary needs to wash her hands of her own incompetence and blame.  (It is rather ironic how she takes "full responsibility" yet doesn't.  How Clintonian.)

What we are left with is a frustrating exercise in avoiding the truth.  Clinton refused to answer many basic questions.  Clinton got mad when the questions got tough.  Clinton cried. 

In the end, Clinton has been made out to be a hero by the media and Dems, while the Republicans are - as usual - being made out to be the "bad guys" for simply asking questions and expecting honest answers.

Sad.  But this IS the world of Obama.  Welcome to it.

The only thing that Republicans and conservatives can do when Hillary Clinton throws her hat in the ring to run for president in 2016 is to remind everyone about her words regarding four dead American in Benghazi:

"What difference at this point does it make?" 

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