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What is REALLY important?


If Republicans behaved the way Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe Biden act, the media would be ripping them to shreds.  However, since it IS Obama who is president, the arrogant, casual attitudes towards the highest office in the nation are AOK!

First off, from the "Encore" section of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (1/18/13): 

"President Barack Obama is preparing for all the musicians set to perform at his inauguration festivities by releasing an official playlist.  He released the 16-track playlist, which also includes music by some of his favorite artists, through the digital music service Spotify on Thursday.  The list includes jams by Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Usher, and fun.  They all will perform at different inaugural events, which start Saturday in Washington.  Obama's list also includes John Legend's "Ordinary People, " "Firework," by Katy Perry, James Taylor's "Your Smiling Face," and the "Glee" take on Lady Gaga's "The Edge of Glory."

Wow.  I bet many American's were breathlessly awaiting the "playlist" from The One.  Especially those millions who have been unemployed for years or have just lost their jobs due to Obamacare coming down the pike.  Doesn't Obama have anything presidential to do?  Like address the dire fiscal straits America is facing?  How about curbing reckless spending?  Or - how about producing an actual BUDGET for the first time since becoming president four years ago???  Nah.  That would be too much like real work...    Now we can breathlessly await Obama's NCAA picks...

Another blurb from the 1/20/13 Journal/Sentinel:

"...on Friday she (Michelle Obama) continued her Twitter banter with Ellen DeGeneres over who can do more push-ups..."

Are these people for real?  Do we have a pair of narcissistic me-me-me folks in the White House, who just love the perks of being Mr. and Mrs. Prez - spending to their hearts desire - seeing the world on the taxpayer dime - throwing lavish parties while more and more Americans are relying on food stamps - and schmoozing with the Hollywood elites and rock stars?  (Are the Kardashian's invited to the inauguration?  They should be.)  By all accounts, the most vapid, wealthiest, and shallow of the shallow are rubbing elbows in the White House and at the upcoming coronation, with  the Obama's leading the pack.

 Not to be outdone, Vice President Joe Biden stated during his recent swearing-in as VP for the second term:

“I’m proud to be president of the United States.” 

Hmmmm.  Yet another flub by Joe "we be gaffes" Biden?  or a possible leaking of future plans to run for President (a frightening thought) should Barack Obama not alter the Constitution to give himself another four years after 2016.  The media would have had a field day with this quote if Dick Cheney had uttered such a thing.  With Joe Biden, it's just "Biden being Biden."  A VP clown.

Then we get this from the AP.  A photo of the presidential limo.  Below the picture comes the blurb:

"President Barack Obama's ride has a new license plate."

Ride???  Oh my goodness.  If Obama wasn't the president, do you think any reporter worth their integrity would have called the presidential limousine a "ride?"  How low we as a nation have sunk.  How un-presidential. 

Let's not forget that Michelle Obama HAS A NEW HAIRDO!!!  Oh my gosh!  Stop the presses!

Low information voters are alive and well - and being fed garbage disguised as news from the while the country tanks.

Fist-bumps all around.

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