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NRA calls the shots...

Americans should applaud the NRA for:

1) Having the backbone to stand up to the Dear Leader (unlike many Republican and Conservative politicians)

2)  Pointing out the glaring hypocrisy of the left.  The "do as we say not as we do" crowd."

3)  Pointing out  that children DO deserve to be safe in schools. 

4) All of the 23 (yes, you read that correctly) Executive Orders that Obama issued today in regards to gun control (oops, forgot the new moniker is now "gun violence") not one of them would have done ANYTHING to prevent Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, or other mass shootings.  Plain and simple.  All Obama is doing is targeting law-abiding citizens and their right to bear arms.  (And Rush Limbaugh made an excellent point on his conservative talk radio show earlier - Obama wants more and more in-depth background checks and information on Americans - mainly on people who wish to buy and/or sell guns and/or visit a health care provider as to their mental state).  When will we Americans get a background check on President Obama?  Obama has YET to be properly vetted.  What's up with that?)

5)  The elitism of Obama and Co. is on full display (and the NRA commercial sure is "on target.").  For some reason, Obama and his fellow socialists seem to believe they know best and the government can solve all of societies problems.  Here's a news flash:  Obama and Co.  have no clue what is best for the American individual, and the government cannot solve every problem that pops up.  (In fact, I'd venture to argue that the Obama government of today is the leader in creating problems (Obamacare anyone?).

6)  Not caring if Obama and other lefties criticize and attack them for this commercial.  (Already the liberal media is in a tizzy over this ad...)

Thank you, NRA - for having the guts to do what too many of our elected officials of today are afraid of.  We need more people to stand up and speak out for America - and not let Obama destroy our country before our very eyes.

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