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Obama - at least he can "stimulate" the gun economy!

As many of us know, President Obama is threatening to spit on the Constitution yet again and go after the 2nd Amendment with a vengeance.  The recent Sandy Hook school shootings, while horrific and shocking, have been reduced to nothing more than an excuse to be gleefully used by Obama and his leftie co-horts to go after guns.  The liberals and socialists have for years wanted to do away with the people's right "to bear arms."    Obama actually stated at a press conference today (1/14/13) that  "executive action was within his authority," regarding gun control.  He went even further by suggestion that he was"confident that there are some steps we can take that don't require legislation and are within (his) authority as president..."  Whoa.  That sounds very un-presidential, and more in line with a dictatorship.  Isn't it a wee bit unsettling?  It should be.

And by trotting out Gabrielle Giffords and other victims of gun violence, Obama and his cronies are trying to tug at the emotional heartstrings of people in order to convince the masses that we need to do away with guns.  After all, guns KILL!!!  Never mind actual logic and the fact that most of the school and mall shootings of recent and past years are actually very few and far between - AND (most importantly) committed by people who have severe mental issues.  And contrary to the liberal way of thinking, guns do NOT kill people.  People kill people.  This is the typical Obama slight-of-hand.  Take the focus off the real goal - taking away guns - by playing on peoples emotions.  After all, Obama & Co. must never let a good crisis go to waste...

Back to what is at stake.  The 2nd Amendment, put in place in the Bill of Rights, was designed to protect individuals from a tyrannical government.  Period.  The 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms - to protect themselves should those in leadership roles ever decide to venture down a dark path towards allowing a despot to have absolute power over all their subjects ("We the People").  We NEED the 2nd Amendment more than ever, as Obama seeks to destroy the freedoms and foundation upon which America was founded more than 200 years ago.  How fast the country has fallen under Obama.  How fast the very principles of politics, principles, and purpose that our forefathers put in place have been dismantled by "The One."  How shocking that we - as Americans - would actually be afraid of what the "Commander-In-Chief" wants to do going forward...

However, I have one positive observation to report.  Since Obama and his followers have gone on yet another anti-gun tirade, gun sales everywhere have skyrocketed.  (Very close to home, a recent gun show (The "Bob and Rocco" Gun Show at the Waukesha Expo this past weekend)  saw waiting lines to get in BEFORE the doors even opened, as well as much higher prices on guns and ammo, AND people willing to pay!!!  Supply and demand - capitalism at its finest!)  Never before have Americans been going out and buying guns and ammo like there is no tomorrow (although with Obama as prez, what tomorrow holds is a scary thought...).  Gun shows across the country have experienced the same scenario as Waukesha - long lines of people waiting outside before their doors even open.  People willing to buy, buy, buy and pay, pay, pay.  Gun makers cannot keep up with demand.  Gun sellers  and gun manufacturers are making a killing (no pun intended).  Guess this all points to the usual unintended consequences of liberal "feel good" intentions.  Obama wants to take away our guns.  By expressing the sentiment that he may do whatever is in his power to do so (i.e. bypassing Congress and legislation - like a tyrant), people reacted.  They reacted with fright, logic, and anger.  People are speaking with their wallets when it comes to obtaining guns and ammunition - and Obama himself has been the biggest helper in stimulating the gun economy.  Ironic, isn't it?

Thankfully, Americans have shown that they will NOT sit quietly by and watch America be destroyed.  And if Americans give up their guns, the government wins.  We WOULD be helpless.  People throughout the nation are acting - to protect themselves AND the future of the country.   

Obama, in spite of his hatred of the 2nd amendment,  is sure turning out to be one mighty fine gun salesman!!!  

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