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Tupperware supports Transport Waukesha

On Tuesday January 22nd, Transport Waukesha is hosting a Tupperware party to drive funds to the transportation resource that is available:

Please direct any and all of your comments, questions, or concerns to Kurt: 262-720-7031 .   Kurt can work with you and those you know towards getting their RSVP all set for this opportunity.    If there is a conflict with the day, date, or time, just please let us know as we are open to making other arrangements under this program.

We are asking for your support in referrals and sharing this information. Please do consider attending yourself, and also extending this to a list of your contacts to help us invite enough individuals for expecting a successful event. Our goal is to have at least 20 people in attendance, so obviously we need your efforts to make that happen. Thank you very much.

Please direct all comments, questions, and concerns to Kurt: 262-720-7031 .

If we get feedback from folks that they can't make it on the 22nd, please find out if they know someone who would be willing to host a Tupperware Party to continue these efforts with us. We also want to invite them to the Feb. 15th Fundraiser @ Montecito:

They are also all welcome to attend Festivus in continued support of Transport Waukesha as well:

We have an online Tupperware format available to those that can't connect to us by our in-person events.

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