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A New Year's Gift

Even though conservatives and Republicans may be upset at the results of the recent banana republic presidential elections (yes, folks - the number of votes in several precincts in Pennsylvania and Ohio outnumbered the residents living in said districts- and many areas went 100% for Obama (unheard of in an honest election).  In addition, the "same day registration" and early voting allowed the cheaters to vote early and vote often.  Here in Wisconsin we witnessed yet again chaos at many polling places (especially in Milwaukee and Racine), with bussed-in voters showing up to overwhelm poll workers, who had no chance of actually challenging whether or not many were voting in their own district - or state, for that matter.  Banana republic? - you bet.  Let's get Voter ID back and ensure honest elections!) - don't lose hope.

Now, for the New Years Gift.  Look at the map above.  From the New York Times.  The red areas went for Romney, the blue for Obama.  (Actually, in the future I would suggest using red  to designate the Dems, since they embrace  socialism/communism.  It would be more appropriate to use "red" ala Mao's little red book and the color of the communist flag of China, to refer to them.)

So in viewing the map, realize that all hope for saving our country is not lost.  Most of the U.S. is NOT in the tank for Obama, despite how the media wishes to portray the political landscape.  Remember, this past election only saw Barry Hussein Obama win by a very small (3.9%) percentage of the popular vote.  Obama won 26 states plus D.C.  Romney won 24 states.  Mandate?  No way. 

At least half the country (and I would venture to say more than half, since approximately 3 million Republicans chose to sit out this past election) wants nothing to do with Obama and his socialist agenda.  That bodes well for the future.  So despair not.  Even though we are in for a rough ride these next four years - with a president who couldn't give a darn about the economy, unemployment, national security, the American dream, or other issues that presidents usually do care about - we will endure.  Hopefully the House and the individual states will block most of the socialist wishes of the Dear Leader.  Four years.  Four long years.  Four long years with an anti-American leader intent at destroying the foundation of the country.  Scary times are ahead, but we will weather the storm.

Yes, the rebuilding after Obama finally vacates the White House will be difficult.  However, America and Americans are very resilient.  Maybe the "me-me-me" class, beholden to entitlements and dependency upon the government, will wake up out of their Obama stupor.  Look at history.  Socialism doesn't work.  Communism doesn't work.  Many countries have proven such.  Capitalism and personal freedoms, with all their imperfections, is still the best route for a free country.  To many of us, the U.S. Constitution still has meaning, even though Obama wants to crumble up that annoying piece of paper and toss it in the trash. 

In four years, hopefully we will still be free.  So, look at the map and think - wow - many Americans want nothing to do with Obama and his anti-American agenda!  All is NOT lost!!!

What a positive way to start the New Year!  

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