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Conspiracy to commit giggling?

Colorado and Washington recently became two states voting in favor of legalizing marijuana.  (Oregon had the measure on the ballot, but it didn't pass.)

Many news outlets during the past few weeks have reported positively on the legislation, as if it if no big deal.  Some who read my blog have made comments in support of such a measure.   From a person using the moniker Georgedubyabush comes this frightening little nugget:

"Talk about silver linings, Amy, you forget to mention that two states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. You know it's just a matter of time before Wisconsin and the rest of the country jumps on board that train. Best stock up on the Cheetos for when your adult children come to visit. Change is a comin', baby!"

Scary, isn't it?

The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel's own leftie, Jim Stingl, wrote a column called "Legalizing pot could spark up the economy."  In his article, Stingl makes light of how certain businesses could benefit from states that have legalized pot.  Some big winners could be:  Visine, companies that make brownie mixes, Frisbee golf equipment, and of course that staple for those munchies:  Frito Lay.   In addition, Stingl wrote:  "Will Foley is founder and general manager of Suburpia subs, which was built on the cravings of stoners in the 1970's.  Marijuana consumption, he said, "gets them thinking about eating Suburpia sandwiches" and taking away criminal penalties would be good for business." 

How cute.  Never mind that pot use among America's teens has increased dramatically, as well as the problems associated with such use.  From  The Partnership at

“These (increased pot use among teens) findings are deeply disturbing as the increases we’re seeing in heavy, regular marijuana use among high school students can spell real trouble for these teens later on,” said Steve Pasierb, President and CEO of The Partnership at “Heavy use of marijuana – particularly beginning in adolescence – brings the risk of serious problems and our data show it is linked to involvement with alcohol and other drugs as well. Kids who begin using drugs or alcohol as teenagers are more likely to struggle with substance use disorders when compared to those who start using after the teenage years.”

But, hey!  No problem - right?  After all, many lefties (like our own Georgedubyabush) find legalizing pot a "silver lining."  And who knows, maybe the federal government is pleased with this development.  After all, since so many people are out of work with nothing to do, maybe they'll take up pot smoking to toke their problems away, decreasing their chances of ever landing a job and increasing their chances of remaining dependent upon the government!!!   Days spent gettin' high and collecting a government check - ain't life grand!?!

In closing, I totally disagree with legalizing a dangerous drug like pot, which study after study shows leads to memory loss, an inability to function socially, and an escalation to harder drug use over time.  Do we really want to become a society of "stoners?"  Do we really want to shrug this off and make light of it, as the Journal's Jim Stingl does with his comment:  "...some of these jobs could go to pot users that we finally stop arresting and locking up for conspiracy to commit giggling."  Sorry, Jim.  I do not agree that locking up marijuana users and sellers is due to a "conspiracy to commit giggling."    I am sure there are many families out there who experienced  difficult times struggling with a loved one's drug use and the subsequent bad and/or illegal behaviors that go along with such.

As a side note, another little bit of liberal hypocrisy:  The left over the years have made it their mission in life to destroy Big Tobacco.  Cigarettes - legal at that - have been a target for decades by those who arrogantly seem to feel that they know what is best for us.  They didn't like people inhaling smoke into their lungs and blowing it out.  Innocent people around them who breathed in the secondhand smoke were at risk.  They pointed out how smoking can cause cancer and contributes to many other health issues.  The left went after smokers with a vengeance - tax, tax, tax cigarettes!!!  Punish people for smoking!  Make every public building a non-smoking building!  Make every private business a "non-smoking" establishment!  Drive those smokers out!  After all, cigarette smoke is bad for you!  Second hand smoke kills!  Blah blah blah ad nauseum.    

And now pot is legal? a thing to be celebrated?  Tell me, what is the big difference between cigarettes and marijuana (besides the fact that cigarettes are legal in every state?)...  The hypocrisy of the left - on full display yet again...

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