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"Tax the Rich - an Animated Fairy Tale"

At first I thought this video was produced by the Obama White House (to go along with their idiotic "Life of Julia" film, showing a woman from birth to death entirely dependent upon the government and lovin' it...).

No, this little "fairy tale" was produced by the California Federation of Teachers (hey, aren't they broke in California?  how can they afford to be producing anti-prosperous propaganda like this?).

"Tax the RIch"  is narrated by uber-leftie, Ed Asner - a multi-millionaire in his own right (but we won't mention that).  From


"As the fairy tale began, Asner said, “Once upon a time, there was a land that was happy and prosperous. They had a great education system, safe streets, and jobs for everyone.”  There were a few poor people and a few rich people. Most were in the middle.  The people of this land paid for their good life by investing in their future together. They called this ‘paying taxes.’”

From there, Asner said the tax system was set up so that the poor paid a little in taxes, the middle paid a moderate amount, and the rich paid a lot. But the rich of course didn’t like this, and according to Asner, they began changing the tax code so that they would pay less while creating loopholes and even breaking the law through tax evasion. Of course, Asner completely ignored the immutable fact that in the past 50 years, changes to the tax code have continually shifted the burden of taxation from lower wage earners to higher wage earners so much so that today almost 50 percent of workers don’t pay a cent of federal income taxes.

That didn't come up.

Instead, Asner said that as a result of rich people's greed, “Schools, public safety, the roads, parks, libraries, public transportation all went into decline. The rich people didn’t care.” Needless to say, Asner chose not to address how tax revenues at the federal and state level continued to rise during this period, or that the fiscal problems were caused by spending growing at a faster rate than the growth of receipts.

Liberals always ignore this.

Not surprisingly, Asner also took aim at Wall Street, “a place where money makes money.”

Somewhat disgracefully, midway through the video, there’s an image of the rich actually urinating on the 99 percent.

No, I’m not kidding.

As the video drew to a conclusion, Asner claimed the rich began blaming everyone else for the fiscal problems in the country including public teachers. In Asner’s view, the 99 percent weren’t believing the one percent, so the rich hired politicians to continue placing the blame on police, firefighters, teachers, librarians, and other public employees.

But not everyone bought this said Asner. They believed the crash was all caused by the one percent.

“People began to say, ‘Maybe rich people have too much money now,’” claimed Asner.  “‘And maybe our problems have to do with the one percent not paying their fair share of taxes. And also, maybe rich people should pay the same rate of taxes they used to when our land was prosperous and more people were better off.’”  Predictably, Asner - like the current President and his Party - didn’t recommend that ALL taxes should go back to where they were under Clinton when things were supposedly so much better.This is a little bit of hypocrisy the left and their media minions conveniently ignore in this debate.

“This is where we are now,” said Asner at the video’s conclusion. “And we have a question: is there no alternative, or can the people of this land do something to live happily ever after?”

Predictably, Asner chose not to mention that you could tax every cent of the rich's income and it wouldn't balance the budget.

This math is too complicated for people on the left."


What always amazes me in the attacks on the rich from Obama (and his followers) is the total lack of understanding that the "economic pie" in our country is not stagnant.  It is not "fixed."  The poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  Everyone in this country can move from poor to middle class to upper class and vice versa.  The economy can grow.  Jobs can grow. Incomes can grow.  Opportunities can grow.  Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be true with Obama in charge - stifling growth, opportunity, ambition, etc. with rules, regulations, and - most importantly - perceptions.  Obama is doing the American people a great injustice by demonizing the wealthy, as if success is to be frowned upon.  Ooooh!  Those one-percenters!  We just hate 'em.  They stole from the poor and are greedy, evil people!!! Let's tax them even more!  Make them pay their "fair share" (I wish Obama would define "fair share")!!!  Egads. 

In closing, a good question to ask is:  were all poor people wealthy years ago - and suddenly a bunch of greedy people rushed in and took their wealth away, making them poor?  Barack Obama wants the people of this country to believe the answer is yes,  but the honest answer is NO.


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