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Aaaauuuggghh! We Lost!!


The morning dawned dark and dreary. A cold drizzle was falling. I went out to my mailbox to get the paper and...there it was, big, black and scary: the headline--"It's Obama!"  My heart sank. I hadn't watched the election coverage the night before. I went to bed fat, dumb and happy. Today, on this depressing day, the truth slammed into me. We are doomed! We won't survive another four years of the Evil One.

The I went into the kitchen. There, at my window feeder was a tiny black-capped chickadee. Another was at my (heated) bird bath drinking. Then a beautiful crimson cardinal flew onto my white bird feeder in the yard. Then I realized, God was in his Heaven and all was right with the world. Life would go on and we would suvive.

O.K., that's a bit embellished. I didn't--and don't--think we are doomed. I don't like our continuing president. I think he is not good for this country. He will try to drag this nation further to the left, perhaps with some success. The economy will stagger onward in the doldrums. Unemployment will stay high because many businesses, especially small ones, will be reluctant to expand and hire due to uncertainty about government regulations and the impact of Obamacare.

But we will survive! Four years is a drop in the bucket of history. This is a strong country, with great resources that, unfortunately, we are not utilizing. But this nonsense of renewable energy, windmills and solar panels, will eventually sink under its own weight of excessive cost and inefficiency. If by some miracle it doesn't, then I am wrong and it will work, which would be a good thing.

The greatest danger, in my view, is the rise of an entitlement class of people who depend on government for sustenance. This includes many college students, who came out in droves for Obama thinking that he would somehow forgive their loans and/or provide for their education. Should this group become too large, we could have an "Atlas Shrugged" condition where the payers would be buried by the takers. Remember, government has no money of its own. All is our, or China's, money, and the latter is not limitless. Thus, the drift toward socialism, if that's where we're headed and I believe it is, will of necessity be self-limited and will collapse of its own weight. I doubt we will get that far. This country has too long and successful an experience with capitalism.

So, take heart, all you conservative Republicans out there drowning in your beer. At some point we have to learn that we cannot win a negative smear campaign. The left is too good at it, based on long experience. Regardless of media hand-wringing, negative ads do work. In this campaign, they persisted despite published rebuttals. Repetition is diabolically effective. As Alvin Toffler said many years ago (1965 to be exact), "We are advancing the sophistication of deception faster than the technology of verification. The consequence of this is the end of truth."  We are there, Dorothy.

Bottom line, I am not depressed. Personally, I believe God has blessed America and will continue to do so. As the Desiderata says, "Although it may not always be clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."  So again, take heart, losers. There is always another day.

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