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Vote for .... !


No, I'm not going to tell you for whom to vote. That is solely your decision. I just want to mention a few things for your consideration. This is, as many pundits have stated, some vehemently, a critical election. It will in all likelihood determine the kind of country we will be for generations to come. There is a stark difference between the two parties and candidates.

President Obama is a borderline--some say extreme--socialist. This is not necessarily an evil thing. A number of countries in the world are socialist, or socialist-leaning, and they are surviving. Some of them in Europe have hit a rough spot, mainly due to irresponsible fiscal policies, but they will undoubtedly survive. (The viability of the European Union is another matter.) We in this country have also been fiscally irresponsible, but due to our inherent strength and resources, we are surviving and probably will continue. Our debt-to-GDP ratio is still survivable, but barely. We should be sweating it.

Should he win this Tuesday, this country will undoubtedly shift  further to the left toward a government-managed economy. This will be a form of fiscal socialism, wherein government has the power and resources to manage our lives to our benefit. The absence of the necessity to face re-election will in all liklihood embolden the leftward shift. This will require transfer of significant wealth from the private sector to the government to implement policy. It may not be entirely in the nature of taxes, but in myriad fees and loans. The latter are paper transfers to the private sector, paid back in real money. Hence a transfer of wealth to the government. Obama rather obviously believes firmly in the efficacy of government to "fix" things and manage activities that once were the province of the private sector. Nationalizing of industry is a logical eventuality. If you believe this is a desirable paradigm, then vote accordingly.

On the other hand, if you feel that the private sector is the best vehicle for economic and social progress, then the other side is your cup of tea. Republicans generally support a capitalist model. This country was built on such a model, but it can be argued that today it is outmoded. Capialism/free enterprise generally rewards entrepreneurship and individual responsibility. You are left essentially to sink or swim on your own. This is not a pure policy, but rather a tendency. So, if you favor limited government power over society and the economy, then vote accordingly. What is at stake Tuesday is a choice between two models of society for this country that will endure.

Pick one.

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