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Sunday Comics

A few blurbs from the Sunday Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (11/4/12), with my interpretations:

"(Tammy) Baldwin stands to the left of President Barack Obama but has sought to moderate her positions over this campaign."  (Translation:  Baldwin has had to resort to lying to soften her ultra-liberal and anti-American ideology.)

"President Barack Obama campaigned in Milwaukee on Saturday with pop singer Katy Perry."  (Let me get this straight, the President of the United States has stooped to appearing with pop stars to try to help bolster his campaign?  Sad.  Totally unpresidential.  What's next -  an appearance with  Bruce "I'm a multi-millionaire but  represent the working class" Springsteen?  Oh, that's right...)

"U.S. Africa Command scrutinized after (Benghazi, Libya) attack."  (Shouldn't that headline be changed to:  "President Barack Obama and his administration scrutinized after (Benghazi, Libya) attack?"  Where oh where has the press been on this major blunder by Obama & Co. that resulted in the deaths of four Americans?)

"If he (Ryan) is as popular as they think he is (here)...he shouldn't have to be in his own state all the time."  - Russ Feingold  (Hey Russ - shouldn't we be wondering if Obama is so far ahead in the polls in Wisconsin why is he in the state all the time?)

"Obama touts four-year experience, as Romney promises change."  (Hmmm.  Wasn't it four short years ago when a totally inexperienced, unknown, and clueless Obama ascended to the presidency?  full of promises of "hope" and "change?"  The past four years have given the country neither. Yet, here is Obama - saying he is a "known entity" (not really), while Romney is not.  Give me a break.  Americans have learned over the past four years that Obama knows little about what it takes to lead.  Americans also have learned more of the socialist  and anti-American agenda Obama tried to keep under wraps when running for president the first time around.)

"Where Thompson and Baldwin stand on key issues."  (If voters don't know the differences between these two candidates for Senate by now, they must have been living under a rock!  In a nutshell, Thompson is conservative - Baldwin is an extreme leftie.  'Nuff said.)

"Whoever wins must address federal role in education."  (Get the feds out of the way - disband the useless and over-bloated NEA.)

"A grand salute for World War II Vets" (Seems that a few hundred World War II veterans traveled to Washington D.C. Saturday on an honor flight - landing to a heroes welcome at Dulles International Airport, then touring several war memorials throughout Washington D.C.  Was the President of the United States among the thousands of people who turned out to cheer the vets?   Nah, he was in Wisconsin appearing with  pop star Katy Perry...doesn't that just seem so wrong on so many levels?...)

And last but not least - a good sign!

"Romney wins Admirals bobblehead straw poll."  Here's one poll where Mitt Romney leads in Wisconsin:  More hockey fans chose Romney's bobblehead than chose Barack Obama's in a straw poll giveaway promotion at the Milwaukee Admirals game Friday night.  (By the way, I disagree that the Admirals bobblehead poll is "one poll where Mitt Romney leads in Wisconsin."  If pollsters didn't tend to  oversample Democrats, we'd see Romney ahead.  However, that wouldn't bode well for the pro-Obama pollsters and mainstream media.)



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