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The Party of Hate: My final blog

Yesterday I heard president Obama make what was another desperate plea so to garner votes since he knows he can’t run on his record or blame everyone else for his fatal mistakes involving foreign policies and our economy. Yes, our desperate president told his audience to vote for revenge. My mouth dropped when I heard that. Especially when I saw and heard his audience applause! I would expect those words coming from a Muslim terrorist. But not a Christian president. What did Governor Romney do to deserve such hate and “revenge” by Obama and his liberal party? Behave like a true Christian? Ask Americans to vote not for revenge, but for “love of country?”

After that hate-filled comment, Obama went on to make one of his many outrageous and despicable lies against Governor Romney. Obama said that Romney is on a video stating that he wants to “let Detroit go bankrupt.” Never ever did Romney say that nor is there a video to support such a lie by our president. The NY Times made that claim from an op-ed by Romney nearly 10 years ago. That piece from the Governor never once said to “let Detroit go bankrupt.” We have a desperate president and no MSM to report any of Obama's lies and failures.

This mentality of hate for those who don’t follow liberalism is why I left the democrat party and liberalism many years ago. I cannot understand, nor will I accept, how any God loving Christian can be a liberal democrat. Abortion is on the top of that list. And Obama is all for late term abortions as well! Educate yourself on that one Christian libs! It will make you sick.

These are only a few of the many reasons Obama must be removed on Nov 6th. Sadly, the race is tight. Even if Romney does win, America must remove all political parties and start over. Nothing underscores that point more than Madam Pelosi and the passing of Obamacare. For those with LCAT, in order to pass Obama’s socialized medicine, Pelosi told the democrats that in order to read what's in the bill they must pass it first. What did the cowardly democrats do? Pass the most destructive bill in American history without even reading it. Ya right, no party politics there, hey libs? However, after some democrats read the bill, and saw many of their buddies get removed from office in 2010, they denounced Obamacare. And guess which democrats moved to center-right? Those who come up for vote on Tuesday. Want a guarantee? If many of those senate democrats win by running on a conservative policy, come Nov 7th, they will turn back to their old ways of liberal corruption. Mark my words.

I’m totally convinced that if Americans were forced into a position to think before they cast a ballot, liberalism would die a slow death. To listen to bloggers here whom I think support some form of intelligent matter inside their brain, along with a tad bit of common sense, but want to vote for socialism, I can only see a large group who cannot make political or voting decisions on their own. By not having the name “Democrat” or “Republican” next to each candidate on any ballot, most will have to think before they vote.

I remember stories that my Dad and Uncles told me when I was young about their tour of duties during WWII. They all fought to stop the spread of anti-American/anti-human rights that are the foundation of socialism. Sadly, my Uncle Jim died in a B-17 while on a bombing run, so I have only a few faint memories left from Jim’s letters delivered to my grandparents.  As I write this blog, I’m looking at the photo of Jim’s grave site in France. A grave site where he and thousands of Americans are laid to rest. Sadly, he lays in one of those grave sites that was defecated and urinated on by American hating French liberals. Yet we now have similar progressive liberals who want to move the world starting with the US by doing whatever they can, including mass voter fraud, so Obama and his progressive democrats can win next week and move us closer to socialism. Their intelligence, along with any knowledge of US and world history, is something lacking and in need of “change.” For that, I thank many of our teachers and college professors. Ad in the ultra-liberal and completely unbalanced MSM (Benghazi ring a bell? How about zero reporting on Obama’s “revenge” plea? If this were a Republican in the WH?), and we have the perfect storm for America to crumble. All because Obama and his party can’t run on any record. So they run on hate for Romney, Christians, family values, education, jobs, and more. And they have enough followers who desperately must rely on big government and need to vote again for Obama: Thanks to Obama and his support to get more poor people out of work and on food stamps. If the poor and middle-class only knew that the evil rich business owners are not the ones to inflict so much hate and “revenge” upon (yes, I built my own business. Not Obama and his government), they would be able to lift themselves out from poverty. But that would mean no more Obama and no more liberalism. Power has surpassed money when it comes to corruption here in the US.

If America votes Obama back in for four more years or anti-American democrats like Tammy Baldwin, we will be on a permanent path to self-destruction. Baldwin wants a takeover of Madison. You have to be kidding me! What US citizen wants any part of our Government to take over any city or town? Obama and his democrats have only proven beyond a reasonable doubt that all they can do is handout more money to their special interest groups for a vote. Leaving a wake of family and financial disasters behind them. All the while their liberal MSM giving Obama and his minions their blessings.

We are dumbing down at an alarming rate. And as long as we let any immigrant come into America who has no intent on following our great family values, laws and ethics, just for a vote, America is doomed. Many of you will live long enough to see all this unfold. Vote for Obama on Tuesday and you will see this path of destruction continue. Socialism destroys everything in its way. Just like Hurricane Sandy. The perfect storm. Thanks to the party of hate.

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