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general meeting for Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club

Many may not think about what a Water Ski Club may have to do now when it is so cold and even getting some nasty weather, but the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club, Inc. operates as a year-round commitment towards putting on the best possible presentation starting Memorial Day as possible.     As part of this undertaking, the Club holds monthly meetings at the Sandbar Sports Pub in the Chill level with one of the group rooms.  

The group is a 501c3 organization and relies on the public to determine the level of support into the family-friendly pastime and entertainment.     This is the time of year that the Club moves to make major shaping on what will be possible in the following year.   Based on what the membership is able to acomplish in the next half of a year will determine what is provided in the show come Memorial Day.

The monthy meetings are routinely the 1st Sunday of every month at 6:30.     The up and coming meeting from the time this blog posting was submitted would be this Sunday, Nov. 4th @ 6:30 Sandbar Sports Pub Chill level group room.

If you can make it to this meeting, please do let us know.   

The Club is fortunate to have a good base of water skiing talent which has made the last couple of years absolutely remarkable for the last couple of years.    This puts the Club pretty comfortable on having the skiers needed to put on a high-caliber show each week, and some weeks multiple times.      Anyone thinking that they would be tremendously dedicated and amazing to the team of skiers is welcomed to inquire with the Show Director or Membership Director towards assessing possibilities and limitations with that as trying towards a skiing position.

The area with more room for growth with this Club is in the area of non-skiing members.     The Club very much welcomes volunteers who don't expect to ski but would enjoy being a part of this Club socially throughout the year as well as regularly pitching in to take care of the many elements existing to run this expansive organization.

The areas for volunteers can be like costumes, script production, music coordination, sound system, transportation for trailers and other equipment, work days, event coordination, boat teams, ropes, pier, and more.

Again, feel free to learn more and stay connected to the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club.     We appreciate any and all support you can provide towards 2013.


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