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Senator Ron Johnson visit

One of the Republican Rock Stars was in town today...

...and I had the privilege of being in the audience when United States Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), stopped by for a visit.  Some sixty-plus of my fellow employees and guests were able to see, hear, and ask questions of Senator Johnson.  We had the opportunity to listen to his vision (and concerns) for America.  Johnson has sound ideas for what  needs to happen in order to get our flailing country back on the right track.

Senator Johnson presented some very informative (and frightening) statistics - in chart form -  to show how the United States government has gotten too big, too bloated, and too fiscally irresponsible.  The last four years have made things much worse at an unprecedented faster pace never seen before in our nations history.  

Here are just a couple of  the charts that Senator Johnson presented:


The chart above was used to point out that when Obama claims that "90% of the current deficit" was caused by the Bush wars and Bush policies, he is wrong - or lying.

Quite shocking to see in chart form the comparison in just four short years as to the huge increase in the number of people reliant upon food stamps in America. 

The Senator also explained many of the myths coming out of Washington D.C. from Obama & Co. (one of which was that Social Security is "fiscally sound."  It isn't.). 

Johnson's presentation included a reference to the  "war on poverty" begun in the 1960's, which has cost America over $16 trillion (yes, trillion) dollars since it began.  Johnson asked:  what kind of results have we seen after spending trillions upon trillions to "fight poverty?"  Well,  more people today live in poverty then ever before.  Johnson was trying to make a point - that all the benevolent programs out there may sound good, but many simply do not work.  And the government, using taxpayer dollars, simply continues to spend, spend, spend on such programs.  Why? A lack of accountability.   The Senator stressed that real reform begins by looking at the many entitlement programs that exist today - putting some of that sorely missing accountability into place and eliminating those programs that are failures.  For those programs that are "broke" - fix them so they can continue.  Senator Johnson said several times that as a society, Americans - ALL  Americans - are very compassionate people.  We help others who are less fortunate - whether it be in neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries.   The government can continue to offer a safety net to those in need - only if we look at the value of each social program individually.   If a program needs reforming in order to remain solvent, we must do so.  If a program needs to be discontinued, it must be discontinued.  If a program is working, leave it alone.  (How many government programs really do work?)

The Senator did not mince words about Obamacare.  It IS a government take-over of the health care industry.  Americans will see the quality of health care go down and the costs go way up.  It only makes sense.  When a country takes 30 million people and puts them into the health care system, there will not be enough doctors to take care of them.  Less doctors, more patients, less quality health care, longer waits, higher costs all around.  Senator Johnson was adamant that Obamacare must be repealed. 

For more information on Senator Johnson and a chance to see his presentation on the fiscal dangers facing America right now, go to:

(be sure to click on "view all charts")

Thank you, Senator Johnson, for taking time out of your very busy schedule to stop by and visit a small business and its employees.  Your frustration and disgust with the way things have been run in Washington D.C. are shared by many.   The country is well-served with a man like Johnson in office - his election was the first step in the right direction.  Now lets get  Mitt Romney in the White House.   Only then can real "change" and "hope" begin.  America IS exceptional.  It is clear that Senator Johnson, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Tommy Thompson firmly believe so - as do millions upon millions of Americans. 

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