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Why Governor Romney must be elected.

I could end this blog using only one word as to why Romney must be our next US President: Obama. Never have we seen such mismanagement of our country by a modern day president as we have with Barack Hussein Obama. Most of Obama’s failures, with the exception of maybe the worst White House scandal since Watergate, Benghazi, were exposed during the three presidential debates. If America had an honest and balanced MSM, Obama should lose hands down just from what has been discovered with regards to Benghazi (anyone care to show me how much front page news, or any news, the Obama lies and scandal with regard to Benghazi have been in our Milwaukee JS? State Department emails just  published show Obama and Biden were told hours after the attack that it was due to terrorism!).  If Obama wins, he must be impeached! Let’s save America the trouble of another democrat president from such embarrassment by voting Obama out from the White House on November 6th.

Let’s look at Romney and what a successful Governor and business man, with true Christian values, can do to save our country from Obamaism.

Mitt Romney’s programs will improve the economy. From jobs, to the anemic 1.3% GDP growth (the next quarter will be no better), Obama has shown that his policies have failed. And now we have $16 trillion in debt that our kids will be stuck with.

Just last month, personal income was reported to have fallen by nearly 4% annually during the Obama administration. Jobs have also not improved to any level that shows a recovery. Now one of the longest, if not the longest, failed recoveries ever. Obama and his democrats point to BLS statistics that shows 2 million new jobs over the past 12 months. Unfortunately, Obama and the MSM failed to tell us that those now able to work and looking for jobs increased by 4 million. Real unemployment, U6,  is closer to 15% and climbing than the near 8% Obama is drooling over as if this were some kind of accomplishments.

Romney’ plans are long term and not the short term plans that Obama and the democrats stood behind. Romney’s five point plan he gave us, again during the debates, are long term in nature and will deliver the real economic reforms we so desperately need to move us out from the path to a Greek style economy.  

America needs more aggressive trade agreements, like the ones Romney promoted on Monday, so we can open up more markets with better opportunities and better costs for US producers. I can’t find one trade agreement completed by Obama and his administration.

CBO predicts an 80% debt-to-GDP ratio by the end of 2014 if we allow Obama another term. Governor Romney knows that in order for the US to sustain any economic recovery and bring us back to greatness, our debt and deficit must come down and soon. Romney wants to bring that ratio down to a more manageable 20% to GDP. The debt we have accrued since the democrats took over the house and senate in 2006, and then the White House in 2008, is now America’s number one enemy. We will not be able to protect ourselves from the growing threats from terrorist groups like al Qaeda if we allow Obama and the democrats to keep on with their reckless spending. Add in Obama’s massive tax increases, and even Jethro knows Obama and the democrats need to go and go soon.

Unlike Obama, Romney truly wants to improve our education standards so we can be on top of those international rankings. Obama believes giving money to the teachers unions, for a vote, will improve educations in our public school system. Too bad that has never worked on a global scale. It might work if those public unions cared more about the children and their future than the unions’ politics.

Governor Romney wants to grow the economy and jobs by supporting American businesses. Not bash them as Obama has done over the past four years. By lowering the US tax rates on our small businesses (US has the highest tax rates since Japan lowered their rates last year), incentives to grow jobs, and become more competitive on a global scale, will follow. We all know the tax code has been a huge drag on our economy. Obama has chosen to only make it worse.

Governor Romney also made clear that he will do away with the ongoing support to housing agencies like Fannie and Freddie. Obama not only failed to realize the financial disaster with F&F, he leaned on those running those failed GSE’s for financial advice in the White House. I guess that’s what we should expect from a president and his administration that had little, if any, business acumen or history with their own lives. If we are stupid enough to give this man four more years, we will get the same damn lies like these. “I’ll cut the deficit in half during my first term.” That lie lead to a deficit that nearly quadrupled. “If you like the healthcare plan you have now, you can keep it.” Or, “I don’t want to pit blue America against red America.” That might be his most popular and most obvious lie yet!

Bottom line is this: we are worse off today than we were 4 years ago. Thus why we now need real hope and change in the White House. Not the same failed polices from Obama and his minions.

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