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Paul Ryan has his work cut out for him...

As most Americans know, the vice-presidential debate will soon take place.  Republicans and conservatives usually have some apprehension as to a "stacked deck" when it comes to who is picked to moderate (liberal), what questions are asked (liberal-friendly), and how the debates are managed (favoring the liberal).  

We are used to it.

Yet, for the VP debate, the "mainstream media assistance factor" has multiplied substantially.

What most people may not know is that the moderator of the debate,  ABC senior foreign correspondent Martha Raddatz, had a very special guest at her wedding in 1991.  Barack Hussein Obama.

Raddatz's groom at the time (the two have since divorced) - Julius Genachowski - was later picked by Obama to head the Federal Communications Commission,   All three were Harvard Law School classmates together and members of the Harvard Law Review.  (Unlike "classmates" at  Columbia,  Raddatz and Genachowski DO actually recall going to school with Barry Obama!)

Does anyone really think that Raddatz will be able to keep her favoritism in check?  We've seen blatant fawning and help by leftie moderators towards liberal/Democratic candidates during past debates.  We realize it happens.  But isn't this kind of ridiculous?  And why is it just coming out now?  If this isn't considered a red flag, what's next - Bill Clinton serving as a moderator for the final presidential debate?

Paul Ryan will do well regardless.  It is just rather unsettling to know that Ryan probably will not get a "fair" shake and will have to overcome the obstacles that a very biased moderator can throw at him.  If anyone is up to the task of taking on the challenge, Ryan is. 

Guess the left felt that  Joe "we be gaffes" Biden will need all the help he can get - so Raddatz got the nod to become part of the Obama Tag Team.

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